Feathers test

hi everybody!

if you can help me with this, will be great!. i am trying to make good Feathers


Hey, not bad, but if they were overlapping more it would be good.

when you put the feathers togheter it doesent even look like feathers. Perhaps you need to study a feather harder look how you can make it better.

Your mask image is too blurry.

Yes, the alpha map is allowing some of the background in, and killing the colors of the actual feather shape by making them overly transparent. Thus, you end up with the halo around all of the feathers.
Try just using pure black and white for the alpha for now, then if you want the strands to be semi-transparent you can go in later and make them darker with a really soft brush or airbrush.

the picture with the feathers duplicated sort of ruins it the single feather is good but the fact that they are all clones makes it look very fake

this is other alpha
maybe i must do 5 or 6 different types of feathers