Feature film production

Tomorrow (22.7.2016): to Toronto, I visit @tangent_anim to discuss Blender for feature film production. Then SIGGRAPH, and end w 2 days bizz in SF.

Does Blender Foundation choose which genre the movie will be about?

Is it possible to make some sci-fi animated movie like:

really bad chosing of movie.
ANd the blender foundation has freedom to do whatever they wish, just as you my friend.

Yes, I meant sci-fi theme, generally. Also, deep, thoughtful and profound. Like Ghost in the Shell, Wall-E.
I can’t remember any other at this time.

Blender can do pretty decent character animation, if you want to make a 3D short, or even a 2D short, Blender can get you far, but you need to realize that the movie you mentioned had millions in budgets, its not the software the problem, its the ressources, the man(women) power, You need a large pool of talents to create such epic movies!

Wouldn’t Tangent Animation studio provide that resource ? Isn’t that Ton was talking about?

Ton is only going to “discuss” the usage of Blender during film production, what features/improvements are needed, how’s the pipeline going, etc… I doubt the foundation will interfere with the production of the movie in any way.

I agree with KWD, he’s just helping people get on board and probably making relations to get feedback on how to improve the software for a big pipeline.

…and FYI blender CAN’T do really nice character animation, it’s ANIMATORS that do that, the tools are there they have been there for at least 2 years, it has been proven been proven over and over again just watch: cosmos laundromat, caminandes, wires for empathy, alike, whole, the risk not taken, lost senses… etc.

I’ve suggested a Sci-Fi action movie with real actors and everything else CG in Blender.

Blender can handle photorealism pretty well. I would LIKE that BF would organize a special team of animators, mocap team, modelers, VFX artists, writers … for sequential production of animated movies.
For example, this is rendered in V-RAY with some additional custom software and has earned about 1 million $ in Japan only.

Which is nothing compared to the production cost of this movie. Square Enix pumped a lot of money (and manpower) into it; i doubt they can reach break even with selling movie tickets alone. Blender Foundation does not have 10-15 million $ to waste on something like this.

better SF movies have been made using blender :

Or if you want a full length movie http://projectlondonmovie.com/The story and acting are a bit ropey in places

CGI side is cool but acting is terrible.

I would like to be here>

As far as I remember, Tears of Steel cost about 300.000€ with a runtime of around 15 minutes, done by a special team of animators, modelers, mocap team, modelers, VFX artists… and it even had a writer. If you have 300.000€ spare cash for film making, I’m sure the BI would be interested to hear about your ideas.

By the way, “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” cost 135 million dollars and didn’t make its money back (at least not at the box office).

I feel that the costume design is misplaced. Everyone look like they came out of the showers with clean vintage clothes.

most schools teach autodesk not blender. as a result there are alot more people that know auto desk, so there will be more people with talent that know autodesk than blender. if you are throwing around millions autodesk licensing will be a very minor part of the budget which makes sense to pay for with the larger talent pool. i don’t think you will every see a disney movie made with blender, and for fx pftracks, mocha etc seem to be much more in the major studios pipelines.

when you are talking about millions, thousands for a license is a non factor. if the people actually useing the license have learned autodesk in school trying to use blender to save money on licenses would probably cost far more in labor due to taking longer to work with unfamiliar software. the same would be true trying to force someone who knows blender to use autodesk. but there are probably 10 people that know autodesk for every person that knows blender, so the blender people are easier to replace.

i think blenders lack of documentation is why most schools dont teach it. if they would get good documentation more schools would teach it and eventually there would be as many skilled in blender as autodesk, then you would see major studios using it. but for now the talent pool is too small to take the risk when throwing around that kind of money. studios are businesses not charities. if they dont believe the have a good chance of making money off something they simply wont do it. for now autodesk is the safe route, just like making a sequal to last years block buster is the safer investment. art and innovation are fine concepts, but if they wont pay the bills you can’t make a living off it. people gotta eat, even artists.