feature I hadn't noticed

if you press w in edit mode… there is a new bevel feature available! thank you blender coders :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! Bevel is really nifty feature :smiley:
Only if it could recognice and bevel only the edges that are angled, or better yet, if one could set the “no beveling under this angle amount” or something like that… I hope you understand :wink:

almost like their auto smooth feature, I bet they could mix some codes to get that to work

start by adding a “on selection only” feature…

:-? :wink:

Just use the P key :stuck_out_tongue:

little slow on the noticing :stuck_out_tongue:
but yea, a real nice feature
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I had to use blender 2.25, for its intersect feature, today and I noticed how much the newer versions rock (from simple stuff like mouse wheel zoom, to big stuff like undo)… in the end it didn’t work, so I just used the edge loops tools to cut up my mesh much smoother :smiley:

I just had an idea, reading this post (I don’t know if this has already been suggested/Is possible to code etc, so please bear with me :P).

To combine some of the ideas that’ve been posted here: Would it be possible to code a bevel function that would work in conjunction with the autosmooth button? It might work like subsurf (with optimal off) where you can see the result of the settings in the modelling window, but it doesn’t change the mesh that you edit. That way any edge that isn’t smoothed is bevelled.



you know people i don’t actually use the bevel feature although i know its there.

currently (for me at least) its unuseable.

i sitll do it all the old fashioned way, as i have it down to an art that works well with sub-surf


i use bevel constantly, but it would be nice to have more usable bevel with the options and stuff, but wutever, im happy

Would you care to share with us this art?

I find the current bevel to be not really useable since it works on ALL edges, not just the ones I want beveled. Ah well.


Bill: One way is to put “control cuts” near your edges with the loop cut tool. That way if an edge is too soft (using subsurf) you cut the mesh there using loop cut and put the cut very close or right on the edge that you want sharpened. This creates a lot of extra polys, but you can get very nice, smooth looking bevelled edges.