Feature idea: circular array option

Hi there,

would that be difficult to add an option to the array modifier so you can do a circular array around the objects axis?

Lets say you want 4 duplicates - the array modifier then knows to array the additional 3 objects each 306/4 degree around the objects own pivot / center point.

currently for circular arrays you have to use an empty as an object input to drive the rotation.
this works great for spirals but can add a lot of extra work.

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Yes please.

I think I once asked for something similar so +1 from me

yeah 4 years ago …

this feature to have a rotation ability would be so useful.

Who maintains the array modifier? Maybe we could ask the person directly?

agreed would be nice to have an option for the array or may be in the spin dup with angles
to make it easier to work with it

or have a sort of spin modifier may be so you can adjust qty of ob around

happy bl

As one who models a lot of loudspeakers in CAD, and who’s experienced in Maya, the lack of this feature is, well, like a hitting brick wall in the design process. So count this as another vote in favor of adding this basic feature to the Array modifier.

This is what the Spin Tool is for. Basically you want a modifier version of the Spin Tool?