Feature-Idea: Refraction-Node


a good idea came into my mind: a Refraction-Node. The node could use the normal-output of a render-layer-node to alter the matrix of a second (background-)image, as if it were distorted like a refraction.

The good points would be: it wouldn’t use raytracing, like that, you can make dof and vector-blur behind refracted glass.

The bad points: because it can just take the camera-facing-normals, it weren’t like real refractions.

I know, it’s easyly said, but (perhaps) hard to code… I wish (like a lot of blender-users) i could code, but i can’t… ))-: …it’s just a good idea.

Maybe it’s also useful for Reflections??


maybe…but possibly just a strange workaround for a couple of problems, and not a major thing likely to be implemented. Its original, Ill give you that…but im no coder, Listen to them before me…
peace man

I think environment maps are better for this sort of thing as refraction can show more than what’s directly behind the object and you can use the same map for reflections. This uses no raytracing. Of course env maps have the limitation that if you render them from an obscured point you get a set of black images.