Feature Idea: Sky with Date/Location?


I’m quiet impressed by the new sky/atmosphere environment. But wouldn’t it be great to have a date and location parameter to set the location, direction and inclination of the sun lamp?

For architects it would be a great enhancement.


and the ambient light and color, with weather conditions and pollution index. It should also include the sun and the moon too, for night-time.

sounds like a script to me…

second that idea, would be useful

I don’t see a problem with this in the future.
Most stuff could be hacked now.
Many programs already use these features.
A simple hour by hour light position script,
Coupled with some ambient lights emitting the World texture.

The big thing with this should be in 2.5 or above where all these things should be accompanied by volumetric clouds & cloud shadows.

I remember that first proposal of the code had this feature. But the final implementation do not have this availability.

i am wondering if it will be possible to have the sky feature enabled with the camera looking BELOW the horizon.
it would be useful for specular surfaces reflecting a realistic sky environment, and other stuff (like a camera looking down still having portions of sky in the shot)

Hi all,
some time ago, trying to learn python programming, I decided to write a little script to set the sun in Blender in the correct position based on a certain time and location on Earth.
I didn’t remember much about the astronomic rules I learnt at school, but thanks to the Internet I found a site whose instructions I have been able to translate into python code that more or less works as expected. :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot and the script.
Usage instructions are in Info section.


zip file: http://www.netlabor.it/index.php?lng=en&mod=download&pg=indice&c=3

Comments are welcome!

thanks GNUdo!!!
I think your script is very useful!!!

PS: I would be good to set turbidity and others parameters of sunsky using the coordinates :yes:
I’m too pretentious :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome :smiley: I wanted to do this myself but i lacked time - thanks for that.

my only suggestion is not to name it “Fiat Lux”.
Its quite cool by its mean, but its also the name of a sect. well by now its a “new religion” i think.

However, i suggest:
firstly “Ost” is german for east, where the sun raises.
and secondly OST is then the short for “Omnia Sol Temperat” (latin.: “the sun warmthens everything”)

hey, what about “original sound-track”? :smiley:

Just downloaded it and it works :smiley:
Thank you for this. Very Useful!

ha! way cool!

another genius emerges and joins the party

wasn’t there a whole Gsoc proposal for this?

Awesome gnudo! downloads

many thanks GNUdo :slight_smile:

Thank you so much,
Long time ago, I digged internet to find the equations, and never did anything with it…
Now that we have realtime shadows, I would like to have the option to make not a sun but a spot (okay, I know I’m lazy, it’s easy to change the sun to a spot :smiley: ).
It will help a lot to design solar masks.

Or even better, realtime shadow for sun, ? anyone ?

thank you! :slight_smile:

GNUdo, thank you for your script, very useful.

I see you are redefining some math functions. For some of those, you can achieve the same by importing the functions one by one like this:

from math import floor, radians as rad, degrees as deg, sqrt

great script !! :yes:

but… embedded in the sky gui would be accesible for everyone intuitively. -in case one didn’t know the script.