Feature idea: Touchscreen / Pen support for tablet PC's like Surface Pro

Does anyone know if Blender has any plans to support touchscreen navigation and pen interaction?

I have found a windows plugin called tablet pro, but it’s not really the same as navigation and interacting with iPad apps like shapr3d or forger.

Any tips, plugins or news on this would be greatly appreciated.


It seems that you’re not the only one to request for touchscreen features:

Note that a patch has been submitted to the Blender developers (waiting to be reviewed):

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Yes, there was a discussion when this tech came out. From recalling what I gathered then, only Apple took care for their devices and Autodesk for their apps. while Blender devs were mostly def to support the feature…
Now there’s a patch waiting since June, yet still nothing. My guess is there’s no one willing or appointed to take care for minorities. :angry: :roll_eyes: Talking about standards and working with display tablets seems like a bad joke.