Feature length Commercial Movie in blender

Hello This is Trever Grissam creator and co-founder of Christian Home Entertainment Works Studio. We are a start up company that aims to make animated Christian Movies with highly detailed graphics. We will make movies that are mainstream quality yet without some of the junk we have come to see in many movies. There are many cool and many funny movies with good underlying messages, however they also tend to contain sexual content. We are in the process of registering as a business and obtaining funds. Though we are good business people and good story writers we lack volunteers in areas such as: Storyboard art, modeling, textures, lighting, rigging animating, sound, ect. We are looking for a full staff for a small studio to get this done. We will do many animated shorts to raise awareness, and every one will have a say in the movie. The companies basic strategies and structure are defined more clearly in the draft business plan which can be found available for download under the business section of our newly uploaded website www.chewsstudio.com It may also be a good idea to read the about the founders on the homepage. We will gladly get to know any of you and answer question! Email us at [email protected] The other co-founder will have his email made available in the near future. I would love to gain your trust and your help! Just please don’t form your opinion of the studio by the videos we have posted so far on the youtube channel. These videos were made in an extremely short time without planning. The co-founder and I wished to learn to use openshot (which I now am good at) and to get a video on the channel we had up for a while without any posts. We have a comedy series called, “How not to interpret scripture which is only missing props and will have presentable quality!” Some of my non blender artwork can be found on this new thread

The current movie we are writing is tittled Trajectory and here is the basic plot as explained on our website! Don Taylor and Mark Grissam are ages 7 and 9 when their lives are thrown into chaos. When coming home from a church party in the middle of the night Don walks in on his mom after she has been injected with an experimental mind control chip that offers the promise of a longer life and superhuman strength. Being flung out onto the streets he flees and Mark Grissams dad shoots his mom in the dark of his house. With the loss of his family Mark runs out to find secret military weaponry coming to kill all witnesses. Do to the horrifying events, in which to survive he is forced to kill and do things no kid should ever have to, he grows into a man with a peculiar personality. Both him and Don join a small militia that had managed to take over and control area 51 (which is actually located on the backside of the moon.) This Military group has developed some unique weaponized cars which will be used to protect those who do not take the chip. Most the story is in the children’s adult hood this is just the beginning of character development.

You know, I almost hope this is someone trying to make Christians look bad. “Sexual content” is something to be avoided. I’m assuming we’re not talking about full nudity and sex scenes here, since comedies don’t tend to have those . . . seems like some Christians would prefer it if women wore burkhas.

A man killing his wife, though? That’s good wholesome family entertainment?


I’m going to assume this is fake for now.

sexual content bad, mindless violence good. I am confused as hell. I have yet to see anything good come out of violence. I always thought christianity was all about turning the other cheek and non violence guess I know nothing.

I hope no one voluteers for this garbage.

Have you seen the website? To call it amateur would be an insult to amateurs.

I get the feeling that these are just two idiots trying exploit the inexperience of “volunteer animators” to cash in on the famously gulible “Christian right” al la “Left Behind” et al.

Getting to think this should be a pop up add!

Read it and the article posted therein.


I give this project an A for enthusiasm and exuberance. You are young kids, you are exited. Why not?

My suggestion is to not pull back on the throttle a tad, but rather, refocus your energy.

There is a pattern I am seeing here: First post - help us on our great project. We have nothing to show or prove but we are exited. Lend this wonderful thing your hard work.

Your first post should be something like. Hello, I am here. By the way I am new to Blender. Say, how do you do such and such…?

At least you should have the idea to come on here and ask us how we’d like a project presented rather than making this giant assumption. Read that article. You guys are not the first, and sadly won’t be the last.

The truly sad thing is that there is nothing wrong with your purposes. But you are going about the entire thing backwards. I read your website. I have seen this pattern. I think what you need is some good advice from the elders in your community - your christian community. Seek out the oldest most experienced christian filmmakers in you can get a hold of. Find out where the christian studio is located, find out if you can talk to them and how. Tell them to be blatantly honest with you about your business plan.

The first thing you have to do is be as good as all of the filmmakers you are knocking. Then get better than them. Having the idea that you have better ideas does not make you better. It takes years and years of hard work just to get decent at anything. And animation - or even organizing and assembling crews to animate - is no exception. And don’t be so naive as to think that all the filmmakers you are knocking did not start out with the same change-the-world - enthusiasm. But reality sets in as you realize how very very very hard it is to be good and competitive. How many films did the great Hitchcock make before he was considered a master? Look it up. How many years did Orsen Wells slave in theater and radio before he got his first big break? Look that up too, and start doing the math. Then look over Spielberg’s career, or any of your current favorites.

So you want to change the world? You have a heck of a lot of work ahead. Your goal is years, likely decades away. That is being generous.

All the best for your project & look forward to seeing it on the cinemas. I can’t help, but you may wish to give Peter [Jackson] or James [Cameron] an email, or text them on their celphone. They will be game for something like this.

Does that studio physically exists as a company ;
The founders of that studio are kids;
You seriously can’t expect people to work for the dreams of a kid!

Hello this is Trever Grissam one of the co-founders of this company. This is my second time typing this because I spent hours on the first write just to have it say I had been logged out. It then said it could not be posted because I logged in afterwards. I will proof read some, yet be generous with typos because I do not have another 2 hours. This is a collective reply to all the comments thus far. First of all I would like to thank you for your criticism, It can help us clarify and improve. On behalf of my studio I would like to apologize for any confusion that resulted from our lack of experience. I am sorry to not be an expert web designer that is simply not my skill set. I did however spend hours working on it. More specific criticism of the site is need before we can even attempt to fix it. We would also like to clarify that trajectory is not a comedy. When we refer to junk, comedies are not our only reference. Also we do not encourage senseless violence. This film is actually being designed to show the side of violence often ignored here in America. We plan to show the horror and damage it brings from a negative perspective. This particular film is not designed to be child friendly, the message is a bit more mature. The story will focus on explaining (in the form of story) how it is that we can have an all loving and all powerful God and yet there is so much evil and hurt in the world. (Something few young children ask) The idea is, Love is a good thing, in fact love is a choice made in free will. Because love is not love unless freely chosen no amount of power can make a person love. The movie takes a dark tone with a ray of light from the hope and beauty God brings out of pain and suffering. God did not make pain and suffering he made the good thing that makes this possible as well. Yet he can make all thing, no matter how bad, into something new and beautiful. A large emphasis is put on the fact we are in a grace period in which we are all given a chance to choose and that one day we will all have to choose sides in a spiritual battle. Many people neglect the gift of being able to give of ones own self with genuine desire to help and love others. Here in America Hollywood has desensitized us to violence. We therefore must go to great lengths to portray it in a way that generates disgust at such a thing. The man killing his wife is a major plot point in character development. As far as sexual content is concerned we wish to eliminate full on nudity as well as the portrait many films here paint of sex. Movies have painted it as anything from casual to meaningless. This crude treatment of the gift made for man and wife is disagreeable. We do not get offended if a women in a beach scene has a bathing suite on. Sexually explicit comedies are becoming common place. One such comedy I am ashamed to have watch is the American pie series. I have asked advice from the blender foundation and talked with my spiritual community about this project. I would have artwork posted if artist were not the thing in lack. I therefore attempted to the best of my ability to paint a favorable picture of the studio. My skills are business and story writing. I have know personal investment on the technical end. I hereby welcome advice as to how to handle the situation. Christians are the same as everyone else in that they do put to much faith in a project till after it succeeds. We have no desire to take advantage of anyones hard work. I have been trying to prepare for this for about five years. Credit will be be given as due, we understand no visionary or leader can accomplish much without those to share the vision with. One of the main priorities of the studio is to monetize the studio works in order to pay those who helped. I am investing most my time and personal money into this. I believe in the American view that everyone has an equal opportunity to become successful according to his ability and drive. Many “Kids” have achieved there dreams. With capitalism comes risk that is the nature of the beast. However risk can also lead to reward. As of my age? I am 18, attending college for business and am well aware of and open to the fact I must be willing to take the advice of others due to my lack of experience. I am looking forward to working with you to clarify your concerns and to find a solution to the current situation. When the replies were read I felt as if there was an overwhelming mockery telling me not to try. It is a bit discouraging to have replies worded so crudely and to seemingly accuse me of such thing as taking advantage of people because of the Christian we include in the name. I am not angry and understand I brought this on myself. I would like to mention that Christian organizations are no more likely to get donations than non Christian ones, and this is a fact I am well aware of. Having struggled a lot as a Christian trying to make life better for others at my own expense it is hurtful to be told I make Christians look bad. Even with this studio I hope to help people. I understand I am unknown and am not offended at the comments. I only wish to work with everyone to establish communication and clarity. I wish to clear up this minor conflict as I know you mean well. I am tempted to feel stupid for believing in the thing my country of America was founded on, though this is largely due to how I interpreted the comments. Please help make this clear! I am thank full for the expressed opinions none the less and look forward to a better experience with the community here.

One last note is we are not knocking other studios. We love fireproof, Narnia and vegetales. Our point is that we have a different approach and target market. I believe they achieve there calling mine is simply different. I would love to get a hold of these people for advice and will do so!

My co-founder Micah has to wait till he is 18 to get much time on the computer because of his family and all. He is getting decent at drawing, however not amazing! He would like to try and learn blender, any tips were to get good training in the United States? We will most likely wait till blender 2.5 is out to play with it too much since it is a huge interface change! Also ngon is nice to have! We would be glad to post works at some point.

BlenderCookie.com is a good place to start for tutorials, especially if you want an intro into 2.5.

Sweet looks useful we will definitely look through it! Feel free to comment on anything else you read here afalldorf!

Chews, much of what Richard said above is right. I’m sorry. However realize that he has been burned too, his dreams dashed and chewed up before his eyes. All of us have. Life is a process of illumination so to speak, and the more we can see the more we realize we don;t know. That is why my name is n00bie, for we are all n00bs. When we forget that we stop learning. My friend, noone will “do your work for you”. But we will help you learn! Take the tutorials. Buy the DVD’s. And learn. Your dreams will find you in the end, mine have. (and I’m not yet 30;)).

Writing, marketing and team building is my “work” however I know what you mean. I wish to get enough accomplished to find people who share the same dream, to build a team to work together for a common goal. I realize a will fail a lot before I succeed however all great people have failed many times before success. I wish to find like minded people with different talents. I am working hard at obtaining funds to compensate people who help. Will financial Compensation help any? I am going to apply for small business grant and all. I hope I don’t seem to arrogant I am trying to find the best way to rally people around an idea. Biggest hurdle right now is artwork. If I could get a good story board artist I could put the story board images apart and ad audio to get timing and general story in a video form. This is the point a project can win commercial backing. I found Richard to be relatively kind and his post was by far the most helpful and constructive. I can’t quite pull a Microsoft and sell vapor-ware. Bill did great at IBM making them believe they had something they needed yet they had nothing at the time. Problem here is too many people have already promised the same thing as me and disappeared I will do my best with the artwork and take you advice. I hope to show I am more committed and am not going anywhere. 5 years so far btw!

That is absolutely true. Honestly. All of it.

I think if there is anything at all that separated me from other young enthusiastic filmmakers when I started at age 30 - still a kid in reality - was the fact that I had had a career as a professional musician for 15 years prior to that. I had a good idea what it took to get good at something. I already had professional training in music and was an accomplished musician/composer/songwriter.

So on the sound end, I had that to draw on when doing the post production and scoring of my first short film.

When I decided to enter the area of filmmaking it was 1991, Hollywood. I had already produced/directed and acted in a stage play in 1989 that had led to a lead role as an actor in a short film that was shot professionally on a sound stage with a top notch crew. I was also able to study there and learn from them about the process of filmmaking and this is what got me hooked.

After that I spent the next 6 months to a year studying several books on the subject of filmmaking and did some very intense study on the subject of writing at the studio that had employed me as an actor. I also was attending acting classes and working very hard to continue to hone my skill as an actor. I did some extra work and a few small bit parts in short films.

During this time I was also involved with other friends in Hollywood who were trying to get scripts sold or made and so on. I soon found a common thread. None of these people were going to get anything done because they had never done anything. And no one was going to get behind them to get anything done because they had never done anything. So how in the name of *** was anyone going to get anything done?

I thought about it. I asked myself. If I was 14 again, and I came to my parents and said, “I want to play the drums but it is going to cost several hundred thousand dollars before I can even get my hands on a drum stick or practice pad”, what would be the resonse?

Well needless to say, I never would have learned to play the drums. But thankfully a cheap drumset was just in our means and lessons weren’t that expensive. And it was free to jam with friends. Four years later I got my first paying gig.

I thought about it and compared this to what my friends in Hollywood were trying to do and had the realization that they were nuts to approach it how they were.

This was way back in the “olden days” before digital video and Robert Rodriqez had not even made El Mariachi for 7 grand yet. Though from my research I had figured it was possible. Only I did not have 7 grand. So instead, I figured I could make a short film. So that is what I did. And we shot on video to save costs.

Since I had no direct experience as a filmmaker I first started out by employing others in the areas of cinematography, sets, lighting, wardrobe and so on. Most of the labor was free. But I fed the crew and had to pay for equipment. This is a very oft used model for making an independent “no-budget” film.

But before even setting foot on the set, I used all of my knowledge of filmmaking from my study and experience at the studio as an actor and film/writing student, to draw up storyboards for every shot. I talked to the art director about colors and themes. I went to the set prepared as I could be. And it still all fell apart. But we made it through. In the end I completed my film. It was a great learning experience.

Since then I have made 2 feature films. Not very many. I wish I could have made more.

But today, we are living in a very different world technically. We have digital video and we have free open source software. The expense of making a film is mainly in the labor. And in some cases, if you have a great project, you can get that done for free - initially.

But will you likely raise money for your first project? That is very very slim. Will you get people to contribute? Also very slim.

So how to you proceed with such a catch 22?

My first advice would be. Don’t try to raise money. Rather, look around you and take stock of the assets to have and begin to work with those. Gradually improve step by step. See what you can get going say to make a short 30 second animation. Anything.

If your skills are in writing, then prove it. Get some writing skills under your belt. Put a short film together and film it in video. See if you can show that you can make a film. Learn the craft and put it up for criticism. After some years of writing, you will find it is not that easy to convey ideas with images on a screen. It will take a while of doing this to get the real hang of it. That is to get it beyond what you think is good to what is actually good. That you will only find out by getting honest responses. I think I have written about 20 screenplays and only in the last 2 or 3 have I really finally gotten the hang of it.

Then there is directing. Who is going to direct? Do you know anything about camera angles? Juxtaposition of shots? The language of film? This in itself is a lifelong study. What about working with actors? Have you ever directed a scene?

The thing is today there are no excuses. Nothing stopping you from taking a small camera and a few actors and doing some filmmaking to learn these things.

One day I was looking through a book about Walt Disney and it suddenly hit me. I never knew prior to that, what a great artist he was. I never studied him as an artist. I only knew him as a director and producer of these Disney classics I grew up with. After that I went out and bought some books on art and over the last 10 years or so I have studied drawing, anatomy etc. I still suck at drawing, but have a much better appreciation for it, and when when it comes to designing characters I have this knowledge to draw on.

So for me, I realized I am more interested in being the artist - in the computer. I use traditional skills to assist that.

If you are aware of what you think you are good at and are interested in doing, then do that. And do it in smaller steps with a little success as you go.

Don’t start out by “forming” a company. That will come. Start out by just getting done what you can and over time, things will grow. A feature animation is years off for you realistically.

If you want to be an administrator then fine. Administer something small first. Get a very short animation done. Very short. Start small and work your way up.

I think a realistic goal would be to get a very short film finished first and try to win some awards at festivals. A small Business Loan is far from a wise choice for you now. If you want to enter into the business world, you’ll likely want to do commercial work such as visualizations for architecture or advertising - commercials for TV adds for print etc. That is the type of thing a Small business Loan in the states is going to be looking for and they’ll want a portfolio. But with a portfolio you could hit the pavement and drum up work. Why owe anything to a bank?

A good long range plan would be to continue school, working part time or whatever, get a degree/ job and do this as a serious hobby on the side.

If you are planning a carreer at this and at your age, this would be a good time to model your education around this. Get a degree in communications or anything that allows you to work in this field. Film school perhaps? If you are not college minded, then work part time and do this until it starts making money. Go to the library, get books, look stuff up on the internet. A world of knowledge available to you today.

I am not applying for a loan but a grant. However other than that think you for the advice. Grants are a bit difficult but also are never paid back. In my business plan i planned on making shorts then upon a large number of shorts becoming popular I was going to sell them on on dvd via the internet but with extras. I will take your advice and focus on organizing small pieces as a hobby. I will mention the fact that a our policies to avoid debt are also in the downloaded-able plan. I will keep both the thread and the website up but not expect to much from them at the moment, I will just focus on interesting shorts to get some experience under my belt. I will mention that making meaningful shorts will that are not corny will be an exercise for me since I tend to develop a full blown story and character out of everything. Than you for your help and hope my solution is satisfactory. I am not dropping the company but refocusing on even smaller things than the company!

Please understand I am trying to reconcile this forum advise with that I received from a well known and self sustained author Robert Liparulo, who has also worked with film makers and has the freedom to become a producer though he isn’t. He understands both novel and Hollywood writing. His advice was that especially in art related field throw away caution and go for it. All the actors and filmmakers he has talked to say something in the vain of, “If I had known how hard it would have been getting here before hand I never would have done it.” He said his biggest regret would be having simply waited so long to write novels. He always held novelist in such high regards he felt there was no way he could bring anything to the table like famous novelist he knew. He said someone in a job they like that pays very little could only achieve the same level of joy in another job for $120.000 larger paycheck. This was a statistic he was quoting. My well aged IT and business teacher has been around for a long time and is a college professor and he says what he has noticed about every successful person, bill gates, Steve jobs is that they loved what they did and worked very hard at it. So I am approaching the advice on the forum as finding the best way to go at it. I will finish writing Trajectory since I am to enthralled in the story to quite writing now. I will then focus on smaller projects till I am more established! If you still think I am approaching this wrong please explain. I do not wish to be unreceptive I am young and have no established life and family and this is the best time to take a risk for me because I have time till I am forced to give most my energies to another career for pays sake.

So any advice at administering a smaller project? Still have the problem of no support or artists!