Feature List

Is there a place where I can find the full feature list of Blender’s Game Engine? I have read the short feature list at the blender.org website but I still have several questions.

It might be easier to just ask your questions. That way everyone knows exactly what you are needing help with.

Did you read any of this? http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Game_Engine/FAQ

It may help a little.

Blender Game Engine supports:
-Logic Brick or Python scripting
-Physics simulation
-No compiling needed/instant gamestarting
-Some GLSL support
-Not animated shadows
-It’s not very fast

The game engine supports bugs. Oh so thats why they’re still there. :smiley:

In the features list at Blender.org it states “Multi-layering of Scenes for overlay interfaces”. This seems to indicate that it does support interactive GUIs, which is one of my questions.
However, I would also like to know how level design is implemented in BGE. I want to find out if BGE will accept levels created with other level design software such as 3D World Studio, BSP Factory, Quark, etc., or if I will need to design levels within Blender or BGE.
Also, I want to know if BGE can also be used as a 2D game engine.
I am aware that Blender is updated frequently by several contributing developers. However, it seems to me that from a quick perusal of the threads at Blender.org pertaining to BGE that development of the BGE is nearly nonexistant. I am hoping that either I am incorrect about this or that this will not persist for much longer. If BGE will continue to be developed then I am interested in spending some time to learn about it. Unfortunately, in its present state it does not meet my requirements (as far as I can tell, anyway) and I am concerned that development for BGE may be static for some time.
Anyway, after this long-winded post, I do appreciate any information that I can get from these forums.

Yes, you can create interactive GUIs by overlaying scenes.

It’s probably best to design your levels in Blender, but Blender can import many other popular 3D file formats. Look in Blender’s File menu under “Import” to get a quick idea of what can be imported. If you don’t see the file format you want to import, go to the Python and Scripting board on this forum and search for your file format. Chances are that someone has written a script to do it.

Yes, Blender can be used as a 2D game engine. It’s pretty simple once you know how to do it, but there is unfortunately very little documentation on how to do it (many of the best tutorials that existed on the subject were lost when p00f’s server was attacked by a malicious hacker).

For examples of some great 2D games made with Blender, search for p00f’s “Zody the Slug” games and martinsh’s “Shoot 'em Up” space shooter and his “Monster Truck” game. (Shoot 'em Up might not have gotten moved into the new WIP and Complete games board, so search the whole Game Engine section when looking for it)

You are correct that there is much less development going on for the Game Engine than there is for the main Blender program, but that does not mean that development is at a stand still. There are a few individuals who are working on it as they have time, and you can make a rather impressive game (graphics and gameplay) with the current engine.

Ovidiu’s patch gives a noticable speedup in the BGE in many cases however. I can run over 100,000 polys with no logic or physics in a build with the patch with it at 60 FPS (though my GPU is powerful)

The game engine supports bugs lol so true