Feature reels that are free for use?

Are there any videos produced by the Blender foundation that are free for use as part of another video?

My use case would be this: I am in the process of making a handful of tutorials for Blender. In one of them I give a brief synopsis of what Blender is and does. This part is 30-40 seconds. I would like to play video showing Blender in use with a voice over.

An example of the style of video I am looking for is this.

Yes, they are usually (always?) CC-by as you can say from yt link you posted :p.

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Blender demo files: https://www.blender.org/download/demo-files/
VFX: https://mango.blender.org/

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I completely missed that little line! :sweat_smile: Thanks!

These are not quite what I am looking for, but thanks for the help!

Now, just a little bit of caution here. Many “reels” that are “free for use” are actually “free for use” under this-or-that “public license,” such as Creative Commons. Always pay attention to such “P’s and Q’s.”

Certainly, be sure to include “an appropriate bibliography.” Either as a trailer to the material itself or in the web-page that presents it, or (certainly best …) in both.

Cite, and acknowledge, all of the third-party materials that you used. Reference any and all of the copyright licenses that apply to each. Or, as the case may be, state that they were in the public domain. (If they actually used a “© copyright notice,” reproduce its text exactly.) “Be nice” and reference their web pages. Legally speaking, these “niceities” actually are important to preserve everybody’s legal rights.

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Thanks for the heads up. This one in particular does require attribution. I have no problem with that! :+1: