Feature request about bookmarks

(bnzs) #1

When you in your profile in bookmarks place
You (me at least) want to sort bookmarks by forum category - where those bookmarks place - but now bookmarks is in single line without any sorting…

and second things if you add functionality of sorting by category of forum you bookmarks is nice to have preview for category “Forum Gallery” and “Finished Projects” As they are in general forum. By this users can make its on galleries of forum works.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

Discourse doesn’t currently have an option for this; perhaps you can post this request on their developers forum: meta.discourse.org?

(Zak Gre) #3

So if I understand correctly currently there’s no way to create something like folders in old forum or categories or else something in order to sort bookmarks?
The way I see this is to have some editable categories like “Great Artworks from Gallery”, “Useful Addons” etc.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

That is correct; Discourse doesn’t support that.

(bnzs) #5

why there are limitation on adding bookmarks? Simply why so silly limit?
You’ve reached the maximum number of bookmarks. Please wait 22 hours before trying again.

(bnzs) #6

in this https://blenderartists.org/c/artwork/finished-projects section appear function what i asking - why we can not have in bookmarks pictures preview if there are in first post picture. in this https://blenderartists.org/c/artwork/finished-projects section it possible in bookmarks - not possible…