Feature request about stress mapping option

Don’t know if this is the right place where to post feature requests, btw I’ve seen a couple of people did it here, so… hopefully a coder will pass here around. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have:

  • stress mapping option also in material nodes (and BOTH for BI as Cycles)?
  • stress maps working also with the displacement modifier (realtime feedback in 3D view) and not only with the texture displacement (you can see the effect only by rendering)?

Thanks in advance anyway.

I don’t know if someone else is interested in this but, just to be more clear:
stress mapping option is very useful for a lot of effects; basically, i.e., you can map a gradient (grayscale) to the “stress factor” of the faces of a mesh, that is relaxed is equal to white, stretched is equal to black (to make it very simple). This allows you to use this as a stencil map to mix two materials or textures based on the stretching or stressing of the polygons, creating so, for example, “automated” wrinkles or bulging on creatures skin.
At the moment there is no stress mapping option in nodes, and it’s no possible to use it as factor for the displace modifier (that would be very nice).

My apologies for the bump (of the post, I mean :slight_smile: ).