Feature request: Duplicate and Linked Duplicate Improvement

Can I has tiny improvement to the Duplicate and Linked Duplicate ops?

It’d be great if there was an option to duplicate with children. Right now you have to select the parent, Ctrl-G to select the children, f6 to open the redo menu, click extend, and only then can you duplicate the whole thing. I’d even recommend to set it to on by default - i can’t think of many situations where you’d select a parent object, duplicated it and don’t want the children too.

Ctrl+Click does that in the outliner. It could be ported in the viewport maybe?

While that sounds useful, and I don’t want to dissuade anyone from working on that, here’s what I’ve got set up:
I’ve set up double-click in object mode to select the entire group (and select linked in edit mode), which is a really natural fit. You could do ‘select children’ instead, and while setting up the hotkey for it check ‘extend’ so you can skip the redo menu altogether (or set up a hotkey for shift-dblclick to extend?)

edit: together with this outliner layout, it’s made grouping a really nice workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5qmet5dv2tqziy/Schermafdruk%202016-06-06%2010.08.00.png?dl=0
The top part is set to show what’s selected (for easy renaming etc without having to scroll in busy scenes), the middle is set to display what’s on the active layer(s), and the bottom one is set to display groups. Clicking the group in the outliner automatically selects everything in it, and you can drag 'n drop things between groups easily, even between outliner windows…

Both of those solutions sound nice, but if you just want to duplicate something, it’s still a two step process that requires you to think about whether something has children or not. If you fail to see or remember, in practice it’ll look like this:

  1. Select the parent
  2. Duplicate
  3. Facepalm when you see that you failed to duplicate some of the things you wanted to duplicate
  4. Delete the duplicated but incomplete mesh
  5. Select the parent with children
  6. Finally duplicate what you wanted.

With a “children” option on the Duplicate op, even when it’s not on by default, it just looks like this:

  1. Select the parent
  2. Duplicate
  3. See that you failed to duplicate some of the mesh
  4. Check the ‘children’ box in the redo panel.

Besides, it’s natural to think that if things transform together, they’ll also duplicate together.

What U can do for now is instead of using ctrl+g, just select parent - then holding shift press “}” key. or select children then holding shift go “{” then “}” to get other childrens of firt object parent… not the best solution but i prefer it as faster then ctrlG.