feature request for proper ocean water simulation

have been trying to do photorealistic water with blender. the following tools are needed to achieve this properly;

ray mirror - invert function, for speciifying where the reflections occur. fresnel is cool for specifying falloff, but the angle is inverted from water (the reflections were strongest at the bases of the waves…need to be inverted)
ray transparancy - refraction (not sure if there is another function to control this)
texture - one of the choices should be a fall-off/fresnel. the closest to a fresnal/falloff is the use of a coloband, but the options to mix energy/normals, etc., is not present in the textures coloband editor (at least, not my version).
texture - a slope function is needed to apply foam. could be a node…

I think what you’re looking for is the IOR slider in the Ray Transp panel, no?


thanks. couldn’t get the water material to look close enough to tell… It looks real on the preview, but not on the model/render.

You’ll want to check out cogfilms…
He’s done amazing oceans with all the current features. In fact, I recall that he might not even use raytracing.

Blender can do a lot if you think about how to use the tools. You don’t need a new feature for every little thing.