Feature request: Locking old threads

I know this has been requested before, but I’d like to bring it up again in light of the increase in resurrected threads going on at the moment.

At the time of writing, 7 of the top 10 threads in Game Engine Support and Discussion are over 7 years old. Most of them look like they’re being found via search, then posted on as if they were current threads.

Can you please consider locking old threads again? Thank you.

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Isn’t everything related to the game engine an old thread?

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I’m not against this. What do you think @Fweeb ? We can set this per category.

Might be a good idea tbh.
Locking the old thread after ‘X time’ and no more replies on it, or maybe some kind of ‘warning message’ before posting on a very old thread.

Locking the thread might be the better choice I guess, I’ve seen this behavior on other forums as well.
If people want to revive one, they can always link back to it in a new post I guess.
It will also keep older information on certain Blender versions more contained.

my 0,02 eurocents for today. :wink:


A lot of people are still using 2.79, or have moved to the actively developed UPBGE (a fork of Blender before the game engine was removed). There is a steady stream of BGE support threads.

The old threads are gold dust for insight and instruction, but the kinds of replies that are being added to them are usually trying to help an OP that often hasn’t logged in for over half a decade.

Not sure if this can be adjusted in at the same time, but it seems that interacting (liking, or something) with old threads also bumps them.

I don’t have anything against this. In the old forum software, autolocking happened after a year. Is it possible for the moderation team to manually unlock a thread in the event that there actually is something relevant that needs to be updated in a thread?

Yes, that should be no problem. Here are the configurable options - we could set it to close 1 year after the last post? Note that this is per category so if we want to do this everywhere I have some work to do :slight_smile:


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Is it worth having a longer limit for support question and finished work, compared to general discussion?

I still pull up old support threads when trying to answer certain questions. Though with blender’s speed of development some maybe be redundant.


:thinking: Yes autolocking might be problematic here, I can really see the motivation behind this autolocking and it can be annoying from time to time like in the original post described. But I doubt this be just positive. I can see many cases, eg. thirdparty tools are being discussed who are under development and publish a prealpha and then its getting quiet for some time, or smaller addons who simply work fine will stop working with blender3.0 and someone wants to communicate the problem, or artworks, or rather general discussions about classic painters, texturing methods, unwrapping and many other things who are simply aging better than other threads, a year of inactivity can happen very easily and they may not be outdated. If there would be an option to communicate the problem with the forum user via an automessage, suggesting to think twice before adding a comment to this again, I’d prefer that. I don’t have the impression that most of these threads were necromanced just because of trolls, it has been googled and it wasn’t clear for them that they are old. So isnt it rather about communicating that better and automatically?

There’s a lot of “if” in your post. And while I don’t want to diminish the points you’ve made (they are good points), it’s worth remembering that we’ve had autolocking on this forum in the past and we can speak directly to that experience.

The threads are always still available for reading and @bartv has pointed out that it’s not difficult to unlock a thread if that needs to happen. It’s just a matter of flagging or DM the moderation team. In the past when we’ve had autolocking, I’d say we’d get requests for an unlocking maybe once or twice every few months.

@bartv, with respect to the amount of work involved with enabling this, do you think we should bundle this with the category re-org and hit it all at the same time?

Hi Jason, thanks for the response. Its just my personal view I brought up here. And I am aware that in the end its you guys who moderate this, so you also judge on the work that has to be done because of this decision. Personally I’d have gone for a solution that causes some more initial setup work and has less need for moderation after that and I am generally rather in favor of less restrictive solutions. But finally I am fine with it either way.

Btw. there is one if in my post :wink:

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I’d be happy if it was just the “Game Engine Support and Discussion” category that got the autolocking. The kinds of replies on old threads there aren’t normally useful - adding discussion points to a conversation that ended a long time ago, or trying to help someone that doesn’t need the help anymore.

I agree with others that threads for projects, such as in Addons or Works in Progress, would be better not being locked (or have a longer locking time). I personally have a thread for a game I work on every year or so that I’d have to ask to unlock when I updated it. Those threads are less temporary.

No I’m okay with doing it separately. We just need to decide in which categories we want to do this. All? Only support?

I’m OK with doing it for all threads. If we find that there are specific categories with a lot of requests for unlocks, then maybe we can revise, but I think a lock of any thread that has no activity for a year should work fine.

As ususally I am against auto locking because old threads can be very useful and can be easily ignored.

However, old threads seem to upset a lot of people for some reason. Is there a way to, instead of locking a thread, putting a warning in old threads when hitting the reply button?

For example, if somebody hits the reply button of a thread that as been inactive for longer than a year, a message pops up warning the person trying to reply?
That way accidentially replying to old threads would be avoided and real replies would still be possible.

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In my experience, warnings are ignored more than locks. A locked thread is still totally accessible and readable. The valuable and useful information in the thread is still available for search and reading. The only thing restricted is replying.

I’d much rather get DMs or reports from people who need a thread unlocked than seeing a bunch of necroposts (and the ensuing upset that some people get from that).


Discourse already has such a warning in place, but I think it’s mostly ignored :slight_smile:


Just another thought @bartv, when we talked about blurred images some time ago one of my comments was locked until a moderator had reviewed it because of some keywords. If that could be used to get reviving posts for old threads manually verified people would not have to contact you explicitly in these cases.

I think I’ve cracked it

Does potentially have some problems though:

  1. risk of alarm fatigue
  2. I mean just look at it
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I checked, but that’s not an option. I do like the idea…

That’s brilliant :slight_smile:

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