Feature request - Mouse movements extend outside the window

I have noticed this with other programs, and I thought it may be beneficial for those Blender users that may not be able to use Blender at a very high resolution and for those of us that would like a bit more control over editing. I have noticed that while using Blender in Windows (and I think in Linux, too) that when you are modifying a mesh in edit mode, you can only move the vertex/selection as far as your mouse is away from the edge of the window. In other programs, the mouse can reset back to the opposite side of the screen and keep modifying. Does anyone think this could be helpful as a future addition? Let me know!

you could alternatively learn to start moving or scaling with the cursor elsewhere on the screen… for example, you can scale much larger if you start closer to the center of scaling… [but you loose precision of your scaling]

it could be a helpful feature though, I’ve just learned to do it the old way

… wouldn’t work for rotation, and doesn’t make a lot of sense using the system cursor as an indicator of amount of scaling once you’ve gone across the edge of the screen.

at least you seem to have noticed that to be able to tell where the cursor is it needs to be on the window itself… you can lock it inside the window and see how it moves, or you can warp it to the opposite side.

would locking it in the window be better then? … if you went some distance out and then tried to go back would it immedately enter the window or would you have to pull it all the way back? how can we give the user feedback of how far outside of the window they’ve sent the cursor?

[is there issues positioning the cursor on the mac? or is the game engine just messed up…]