[Feature request]Possible enhancement to vertex bevel modifier / mesh edit

I have been trying to bevel an individual vertex using both the mesh editing and modifiers. What I get is this:

What I was trying to get is this:

I simulated this using some boolean operations with a UV sphere and cube - which very messy and artefact-prone.
Essentially, the curve between the adjoining edges is smoothed instead of straight. Anyone know of a better way to achieve this sort of effect, but in an editable way (i.e. as a combination of modifiers)?
If not, I would like to propose this as an enhancement to the bevel modifier, selectable as an option.

Please use the appropriate support forums for support questions. I assume you are using a mouse, most have scroll wheels or if lacking that, use the web page scroll bars !!!

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Your object has unapplied and non-uniform scale, so you’re not looking at the proportions that the tools and modifiers use. Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale to apply.

Don’t crop screenshots when asking questions, and always include an example .blend.


one way to achieve this :

The reason I posted in feature requests is because I was proposing it as an enhancement to the bevel modifier, as I clearly stated in my post. I am aware that is possible to produce an effect like this by direct mesh editing, as Zenitor showed in his reply, but that is not what I was aiming to achieve. What I am looking for is a way of doing this using modifiers so that the I can go back to the effect afterwards and edited or tweak it or edit the dimensions of the underlying object and it still apply correctly - I am pretty sure that it is not achievable using modifiers; I only proposed it with a question on the basis that I may have missed a way of doing it using modifiers.

I do not like your sarcastic mouse wheel comments - I am fairly new to blender in spite of picking it up at first some five+ years ago and the sarcasm reminds me why it is that I have avoided getting to know it better for so long. I have been a software developer for some thirty five years and do not appreciate being patronized. I would like to be a net contributor to the blender project, as I am to audacity, vlc, Fritzing, inkscape and a number of other open source projects. If you want me to be a net contributor to blender, then read my posts and can the sarcasm please.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had not applied scale at that point. It did not change the overall result of the bevel though.

Using vertex groups you can get a modifier stack of editable bevels, but, and here’s the catch, it’s a vertex group so will treat all edges between selected vertices as bevel edges,
and when you add any new geometry to stop this the new vertices are added to the vert group
and then need to be removed.

The ability to have edge groups( in place of vertex groups) would fix this :slight_smile:


Thanks for the videos; they have really helped in thinking about this.

I think bevel weights are supposed to give the edge selection functionality but they suffer the same problem as vertex groups - there is no way to assign new geometry to groups or weights within the mod stack. So if you create a shape using a boolean, the new vertices / edges just end up in limbo and either don’t get bevelled when they should or do when they shouldn’t. One way round this would be to have a modifier that adds vertices and edges to groups or assigns them properties such as bevel weight based on whether they are inside or outside of a second shape - like an intersect or difference.

That stills leaves the original thing though - single vertex bevels look as ugly as sin. I might dig into the code and see if a simple patch might be possible, based on some of the operations you did in your first video.