Feature request - Progress bar in linux dock (Dockmanager / Unity API)

This is my first post, so please move it if I am in the wrong section :slight_smile:
How the title said, is it possible to have a progress bar in Linux during rendering, like what Blender does on Windows 7 or Mac Os X? I did a little bit of search online and I think that implementing a dock manager helper would not be too difficult, I considered writing it by myself but i couldnā€™t find enough documentationā€¦ :expressionless:
Blender, in my opinion, is the best open source application availableā€¦ ever. Itā€™s the Swiss army knife of 3D animations; like a set of tools, tightly integrated in a single package - free and lightweight.
Sorry for my bad English.

-Greetings, TM3P