Feature request: Radial symmetry in sculpting mode

This is an extremely useful tool , especially for round or lathed objects, which I’ve longed for ever since sculpting was implemented in Blender
Here is a practical example right to the point
A vase is created and ornamented in ZBrush 3.x.
You can only see one red dot/brush, but in reality the brush is repeated around the model “n” times, to symmetrically affect it, something which is not possible right now in Blender.

I don’t think that the implementation of such a feature is technically difficult, besides, Blender coders have worked miracles lately. But this is a VERY useful feature that I would like to have available.
Please forward this message to whoever is in charge of such planning. Posting in the Blender tracker is a riddle to me.
Hope it makes it in 2.5

Edit: if someone does so, please post a reply so that i will know this got through to someone

I totally agree, this feature would be Much appreciated, as would most everything in ZBrush, :wink:

Surely a ZBrush-in-Blender would be ideal, but what i’m talking about is a very simple thing. I mean, they’ve already implemented axis based symmetry, so radial shouldn’t be so tough to code.

All I want is someone to direct me to whoever can put this into schedule. I know this is probably the wrong place to post this, but at least a lot of people will see it here.