Feature Request: Simple surface offset (addition to solidify modifier)

The solidify modifier is pretty awesome. What however would be really great would be the ability to just show the offset surface and hide the original input surface. So instead of just working as a tool to thicken it just offsets.

You might want to ask the developer who submitted this patch here (since he seems to know the solidify modifier code).

Even though his patch adds the option to only show the created rim, I can’t see why it can’t be possible to only display the result of the main offset (without the rim and the original faces).

diplace modifier…

Yup, displace more or less does it. It’d be nice however if one of them wouldn’t butcher the mesh in cases like this:

Maybe they can access the same code in the offset of the shrinkwrap modifier…

to use the discplacement modifier to have a simple single shell offset would have never crossed my mind.

Ploty the problem you face is an issue with polygon offsets. with NURBS those overlaps would be trimmed/cut away.

You cannot shrink certain concave forms without self-intersecting at one point.

Solidify does in most cases work a lot better than displacement, especially for lowpoly meshes where you might need a cage for baking. Here’s an example of the difference:
Displace is a lot worse because it just moves the vertices a set distance along the vertexnormal whereas solidify seems to compensate for sharp angles.

Did anyone contact the developer mentioned above about this? If not I could just do it myself.

mh I only did a displace of a simple arced and open surface and it worked fine. Thanks for pointing out that it has not the same result as Solidify when dealing with filled corners.