Feature request - 'Wrap' function for sculpting

I’m somewhat amazed at how hard it is to find a good workflow for tileable sculpting, such as for texture work. The best option seems to be Zbrush which has ‘wrapmode’, but even that has a very convoluted way of actually putting it to use.

A wrap mode in Blender, used in combination with linked duplicates or an array modifier, would be a really fantastic tool for this. Please consider it.

OK, if you want this to be a feature request even remotely possible for implementation - we’re going to need a little more information than that. I thought I knew what you were talking about and then you introduced linked duplicates & array modifiers… now I have no idea what you are actually asking for.

Sorry for the confusion, I simply meant a wrap function like in Zbrush. Wrapping of course is when your stroke carries over to the opposite side of the plane after it’s reached the edge.

I mentioned the linked-duplicates or array because that would give you a visualization of the seamless continuity (unless I’m mistaken…) but really I just meant the wrapping part.

It’s a nice idea, Blender already teleports the cursor with the continuous grab mechanic so it would fit with what Blender already does with moving it to the other side of the mesh according to the axis.

I can’t imagine it being that hard to develop really (basically something like analyzing the view along a line to determine where the mesh and background meet and move the cursor there).

Yes, I’m no programmer but it doesn’t seem as though it’d be that hard.

Ironically there is no other 3d package that has a good workflow for this, it’s very frustrating. I think this would put blender’s sculpting tools on the map for some of us who work in game art.

Such a workflow already exists in blender. At least somewhat. I believe the pancake hobo tutorial series on blendercookie.com shows the workflow for it. Check it out and see if that is what you were thinking.

Which part specifically? I kind of doubt that’s the case though, since this is a character and what I’m referring to is far more plane-oriented and concerned with environment art.

Not unlike this but with sculpting tools instead of texture painting:

How do you envision defining the “repeat plane”(plane after which the cursor ‘teleports’) in such a workflow?

I’m not the best person to ask by a long shot. But the array modifier already has the realtime effect that you’d want;


I suppose if there was a way to make the other copies editable on the fly.