Feature Request

Just found out a cool open source tool in afterfx for 2d animation. Would anyone be interested in porting
this into blender?

Blender Coa Tools isn’t good enough for you?

First, welcome to BA!

Second, No, I certainly wouldn’t port this product as I believe far more capable tools exist in Blender already for 2D and 3D animation, including basic Object Animations, Rigging, Animation Nodes, etc. etc. The list just keeps going on. And they are maintained and supported, and, and , and… Have I made my point?

Post a picture of what you want to animate, how you want to animate it and we will show you how.

Cheers, Clock. :cocktail:

PS. Find Blender CoaTools here.

I thought CoaTools is dead, erm… I’m quite struggling with 2d animation workflow in blender. What’s the best workflow for a one man army that needs to produce 30 min animations a day?

I checked the CoaTools. I still have the following questions,
How do you auto-rig bones?
Connect and disconnect objects to parents during animation?
Do an animation then loop it (Do a simple walk animation, then repeat it while simultaneously adding a translate animation)?

use rigify addon for 3d rigs.
I don’t think there is one For 2D rigs

‘child of’ constraint?

NLA editor is made especially fot things like that

You are insane :smiley: