Feature request (?)

There is currently (Correct me if I’m wrong) support for non-standard input devices in blender, meaning we’re stuck with the standard mouse and keyboard. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I wouldn’t mind being able to use specialized interface hardware (Ie data-gloves, or a 3D mouse) that lets me interact with the geometry more realistically. To that end, I have an idea for a new “Feature” as it were. Instead of hard-coding the inputs directly into blender, it should be possible to map any input that the OS can handle, directly to a function in blender. This would also allow things like re-mapping keys, or changing the way the mouse behaves. (Matching the feel of blender to some other software, making it easier to switch between the two.)

Here’s a quick sketch of the idea. Please note that it’s just to show the general idea, not to map out the entire thing.

  1. Would there be any use for it? (other than myself)
  2. Would anybody be willing to help with it? (I’m planning to work on it myself, but I’m not the greatest programmer, so it might take a while…)

Somewhere I saw Letterip mention that somebody is looking custom hotkeys but it’s still a long way off. Your best bet is to got on irc blendercoders and ask there or just contact Letterip yourself and he can fill you in.