Feature Row

What you have to do to be displayed in the Feature Row ?
What are the requirements?

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The only requirement is to create excellent work. If you notice a piece in the Artwork forums that you think should show in the top row, feel free to use the Report Post feature of this forum to make your recommendation. We can’t guarantee that reporting will actually get the work featured up there, but that at least helps bring the work to the moderation team’s attention.

Are you the only one choosing the images (apart from people reporting posts)?
Could a minimum number of 5 stars votes be the condition for being featured or is it a bad idea ?

I’m not the only one. But I do think that it would be wise for top row threads to be moved to the Forum Gallery subforum.

I don’t think that 5-star minimums should be a required condition for being on the top row. There are many great works that get no votes at all.

Well, what about software used ? What if 10% of the artwork was made in Blender ? Where is the line drawn ?

That is, in truth, somewhat subjective and arbitrary. If Blender wasn’t used at all, then of course it doesn’t belong in the feature row. But we have to assume some level of trust with other members of the forum. That is, we can’t police every posted piece of art and grill the artist to ensure that Blender was used in its creation. We have to assume, at least a little bit, that if artwork is posted here, then Blender was used in part of its creation.

The more Blender that’s used, the better, of course. But if someone creates a model with one package and textures with another, but uses Blender for final lighting and rendering, I think it still shows that Blender is a valuable tool in any artist’s workflow and that work should be “eligible” for the feature row.

Because remember, the feature row and the gallery are part of this forum to promote the talents of artists who use Blender. That’s the only purpose. It’s not really fair to the artist (or, frankly, the moderator who would have to do all the follow-up) to say they’re less of a Blender artist if they don’t use Blender in their whole pipeline.

got it, thanks !

About that I have a suggestion :
I’m sure some years ago it featured all the best blender artwork because blenderartists.org was the main destination for blender artists of all levels, but I think the current context is different. Now a lot of the best artwork is on other websites and probably mostly artstation. I mean, just typing “blender” on artstation gives a pretty amazing gallery and a lot of that is not on blenderartists.org.
Could we maybe make a “cross-website” feature row, with the thumbnails linking to the original website ?

In a word, no. We only have five images in the Feature Row. It would be unfair to the people in this community if we used that space to regularly point to people who aren’t participating here.

that’s understandable.