[Feature suggestion - selection, materials] Long time Modo user switching to Blender


Im very excited about new blender features and software overall. I’ve been using modo for almost 10 years and Im gonna switch completely to blender soon, but going to blender from modo, selecting is kind of nightmare and I think it’s easy to enhance in updates.

What would be great is if we could have selection painting keyable to for example LMB so I could paint faces like when Im pressing C now in blender, but without having to accept it later and with possibility to rotate during selecting. Its kind of crucial for efficent modeling and pressing C and RMB to just rotate is a little bit too much…

[Assigning Materials]
Possibility to assign material by just pressing single key and accepting a dialog box or something. In modo its very convinient. You just press M when faces are selected and accept dialog box - new material assinged to faces in a second. If we want to change some materials parameters we can do it in this dialog box, easy and fast.

Overall, great software, looking forward for what future brings!

About your first suggestion, you mean this?

If yes, there you have it, and you can assign a shortcut of course…

And about your second suggestion, that’s one of the things I always hated in Modo :smiley:
I like the c4d way of assigning materials better… just select the polys and drag and drop the material on to it, done… No need to deal with dialogs and stuff… :wink:

Wow, thank you very much! Will play with it today. Didn’t explored 2.8 too much yet.

Materials, well I get your point. But draging n droping is still some process to make. You have to drag something from menu, in Modo you can be in full screen and just press M. New material - OK, old material - select from list.
But we can agree that is something to upgrade in Blender :wink:

Adding materials like this is something that can be done through an addon.
By experience this kind of little improvements are hard to get implemented in official blender , at the moment devs are struggling to finish all the new features of 2.8, fixing bugs… Even if it looks quite simple to do , they may not find time to work on that.
But I encourage you to dig a bit into python. Blender is made to be customized , (you can look at pitiwazou’s speedflow , or blenderpro ) . It’s very easy (with a bit of practice) to make custom tools or shortcut to accelerate your workflow.

Note that it’s also quite common to see someone coming from another software and ask for missing features. It’s not always that easy. For instance, if I bought a X licence of a software, there are few chances that they implement a feature that I would like just because I send them a mail. Fixing bugs is kind of different. And also if everyone asks for it , it raise the chance to see it implemented at some point.

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There are multiple addons that have quick material assignment workflows:

Speedflow companion:


Hardops and Decalmachine also have material functions

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Thanks for a reply! Actually, thats a great problem for guys from blender, ppl coming from other softwares and asking for a features. Dream problem for any software creator :wink:
I totally understand the process of making software. I think the case with materials is win win for everyone (doing something faster and more convenient) BUT, if there would be a plugin for it, I would by it right away.

Oh you posted when I was replying, will check it out in a minute. Thanks a lot!

OK, so one more thing…
[vertex, edges, faces] (1,2,3)
2.8 got it like in Modo, BUT with one exception and I think its something that can be done with scripting. When I jump into vertexes for example I would like to simultaneously change from object mode to edit mode if Im in the first one. Object mode > 1 > vertexes (without pressing TAB).

Asked many times. But yeah, I still don’t know why we need to explicitly enter the edit mode, really unnecessary. The switch should be between the object and components (verts/edges/polys) modes.

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Yes, generally suggestions totally make sense, it’s just that dev’s are already quite busy.
A request like that need also to be accepted by the UI team , and need to be consistent with ways to edit in blender in general. It’s quite a simple request, but can be hard to reach blender official. Even if that make sense.
All that said, you can submit ideas here : https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/
Good ideas get voted, that doesn’t mean they’ll be implemented, but chances are that dev’s will look into it.
For small stuff it’s generally better to look if an addon doesn’t already do it, or learn to write python code, it’s an artist friendly language after all .


I have thought about this too. But I wonder how much faster it actually is. But I have another thought, and that is the sharp and clear division as to what is an object and what is a mesh in Blender. Other apps have this as well. But in Blender this division is very clear and accessible and very obvious. In Maya for example, by contrast, it is there, but maybe not as obvious? I’ll have to give that more thought. And I think Modo has it as well. But the point is that in Blender there is more than meets the eye with the tab key. When you enter Edit Mode you are no longer editing the object. But now you are working directly on a Data Block known as Mesh. Every (mesh) object contains (or can contain) a Mesh Data Block. Object Mode refers to the Object Data Block.

Here is a video where I talk about this a bit:

And I don’t remember in which videos but I cover this quite extensively in this series.

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It was pointed out some time ago in another thread but you can set circle select as a sticky key just by doing a simple mod to the keyboard shortcut like so.

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Richard, thanks for video, quite enlightening. Still there is no excuses why some tools require couple key press when they actually can do something even better with just a one click. It would be dream come true with just LMB/RMB paint selection like in modo. Will see how its gonna work in 2.8.

jpthrash, will give it a try in a minute, it should work as if I was painting with a C pressed and hold and quit tool on release?

Got another question guys, blender-from-modo adventure continues.
Pic below, I dont know how to select loop edges in this particular case, it only select two of them. I have to admit that no problem with a same mesh in modo. Loops with just double clicks everywhere. Here in Blender I can grab only two. Cross section loops can be looped though in blender, only this long horizontal are not available, any tip for this?

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Because of the pole it doesn’t know where to go. I personally don’t know an easy solution.

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Well, the case is that in modo it knows… Sorry that im comparing Blender to Modo but been using it for almost 10 years and becuase I love Blender plugins the most, trying to switch, but some things are maybe to fix or upgrade in future patches.

Here with those edges, its just a double click in modo and loop is done.

Several ways … you can select one and while keeping ctrl key select the next (shortest path select)
You can also select those two edges and shift-G (one of my favorite features in blender) and select Face Angles or length and play with the threshold.
And a last one … the tricky one … Select one edge of those two … and jump one and then select the next one (keeping one unselected in the middle ) now ctrl shift + to keep selecting (spam the keys till u get all around) and then select the other two and repeat the process


Lol, love that last one! You actually can hold [ctrl shift +] without spaming and just watch.

With threshold - can I change it for example being in fullscreen and without having to go to menu by some key combination or mouse wheel? Didn’t found anything to be working.

Hi, whole UI to fullscreen is Alt+F11.
To make a window fullscreen is Ctrl+Arrow Up.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: Don´t train your muscle memory to much, many shortcuts change in Blender 2.8.

Just as a side note. (take this within the context of I have moved through 3 modeling apps in the last 10 years and completely get the process and reasoning to switch). I do wonder why you would abandon Modo entirely in favor of Blender? At least in this particular case. My question is somewhat qualified by the fact that I have not ever completely mastered Modo. But from my experiences and general knowledge, if someone were to ask me what 3D app is best for Modeling I would say Modo unquestionably. But I would add that Blender has some things which are an advantage. Still, here in my studio we still use Maya LT for some things. Mainly retopo. Even with the retopo tools available for Blender. We still always come back to Maya for retopo. And I even have a few artists who just prefer to use Maya for modeling. Familiarity and so on. But I do make a gallant effort to train everyone in Blender. And it usually sticks 99 percent of the time.

But over all my experience is that it is real hard to get one app to do it all. I even had an artist work with Modo for a while to compare retopo tools and other advantages. I think probably the main reason I have not incorporated Modo is the fact that I have just not had the time to learn it more. I wish I did because I think it has a lot of advantages.

At any rate I fully understand the adventure to translate your knowledge from one tool to another. In most cases you can find the same things to do, but different ways to do things. Maya is this way. Once I get back into the swing of it in Maya I can do most of the things I can in Blender, just new memory.

Anyway, so I think you will find somethings won’t translate. I do find it is a compromise. You choose to use one tool because overall the advantages out weigh the disadvantages. Don’t be discouraged from asking for features. Hopefully most of those things exist in Blender anyway. But at the same time realize you are in Roam now. And you might have to just suck it up and take the good with the bad. I speak from experience from having to “when in Rome” on many occasions.

And after that, of course you can keep pounding for needed improvements, tools and experience you bring from other places. It is my opinion that this feedback is invaluable for Blender.

So welcome to the adventure. :slight_smile:

Nice to have another objective voice in the mix.

F6 calls the last operator options inside the 3d view if that is what you meant.

Exactly that