feature suggestions: resource pack


I have got hooked on Blender an especially the game part of Blender. What I would want is a huge library, easy to access from within Blender, of models of all sorts. With textures, rigging, animations and whatever.

Random differiented objects
Many objects would natural have differences between every instance. A birch would look a bit different from every other birch regarding shape, colours, and movement. I think it would be cool when I click _spacebar_models_nature_trees_birch then I would get a unike instance, or easily hundreds of unike birches if I wanted. Some kind of random on certain values.

model pack competition
Would be cool to have an ongoing competition for all models in the “model pack”. So the blender community could make all sorts of things and add to the model pack competition. The community could vote on the best “birch”, “moon”, “planet”, “horse”, “Ferrari 599 GTB”, “Sukhoi SU-35”, “tornado”, “AK-103”, “old woman” and what not. The best art will get honoured in the official blender model pack, which integrates in blender.

Maybe similar systems and competitions can be made for more spesific resources like materials/textures, meshes, skeletons, animations, scripts.
So maybe you made an old man with mesh and texture, and decide to use the Proog Walk Cycle which is under animations in the official resource pack.

What do you think of these ideas?

I think your ‘ideas’ sound like you want not only free software but unlimited high-quality free content without doing any work with the app you’re ‘hooked’ on. :rolleyes:

Seriously . . . do you realize how much effort that would take, even for a large community? Do you realize how huge the download would be? Do you realize that high-end professional apps are only able to offer a small sample of content, even with their crazy price-tags?

You have two choices:

  1. Keep dreaming.
  2. Get a little more hooked on blender, and create this resource pack for us.

Thanks for your awesome (if not original) suggestions!


I belive this community would be able to produce a lot of high quality content in relativly short amount of time. And a lot faster than any company behind todays high-end professional apps would be able to. About the size of the download; we would separate it from the Blender app, then we could separate the resources in different files as the collection grows bigger. We could use torrents to spread. Hope the download would be very big :wink:

I am only familiar with Virtools (which has very crazy price-tags). It has, as you say, only a small content of samples, yet enough to let people start playing with game logics without troubling with meshes, rigging, skinning, and and. You just drag and drop from the resources menu. Virtools is in general a lot better doing resource management than Blender. In addition to the bundled resource file you can make your own resource file and have all art available for instant use. Exactly in folders like: 2d Sprites, 3d Entities, 3d Sprites, Behavior Graphs, Characters, Materials, Sounds, Textures, Videos. That is a lot better than the append every little thing IMHO.

I belive better support for resources would make Blender a lot better. And with this community Blender could have a “content-advantage” over other applications. Besides I think it would be fun for the community to spread their creations. Also we could get evolving art. Like one draws a nice gun mesh with poor texture, next man change the texture to a lot better, next woman adds some gun mechanics. Result: We have a nice looking gun ready to fire. A gun was maybe a small example, but cooparations about more complex systems could be very interesting to follow.

hmm, isn’t http://www.blenderheads.com supposed to be just this kind of repository you are looking for?


as the library grows www.blenderheads.com will be trying to develop a python script that would do just that

it would be a build in python scrip into blender that will import all the items streight from the database

(not to sure how that will be acomplished thou, gota look into the coding of that)

Libraries would be cool. Like OpenOffice.org who now did a clipart to get clipart content.

There is a library script (wich I think it should be included in blender by default).

To many things are offered as single downloads, not as big downloadable collection. Things like scripts or library items have to be downloaded individually.

Maybe it would be a cool idea to make content CD collections to download. Like other packages offer content CD’s. It would be a cool thing to make a contest for models and stuff.

Yeah, I thought it would be cool to have resource files, like how C++ has resource files with whatever you want in it, like pictures or such. I’m not complainin, though, the pack and compress features are good enough for me.

It would be good but who is going to do it??? :confused: It would give a chance to neewbies to study this things in blender, others to steal ideas, but who is going to do it? :confused: And when you have a library, why bother making your own original character and why bother learning how to rig it when you allready have it done. Yes, there are many similar stuff downloadable on the forum but it is not the same.
I can’t really decide but I think it is not that neccesary.
And beside that, who is going to do it? :confused:

The animation wouldn’t work unless the rigs are exactly the same. Which really hinders you.

basse, vitality. Thanks for the www.blenderheads.com pointer. It is about what I am looking for. Only I would like it more “easy to access” than I belive a python script will be able to provide. I think it should be more in front. Like its own Resources Window (or “Library Window” if it is better term).

There is a library script (wich I think it should be included in blender by default).
http://blender-stuff.byethost32.com/ ?
Also about what I am looking for, with the same critique as over. Very helpful script. Have not played with the download feature yet, but from now on my own creations will be stored in a library as it should. Thanks

I think I had really two different types of suggestions. First the request for better official resource management and official resource-packages (with community contest). The second request was a bit related, but not actually based on the first. Maybe I should have posted it in a new thread. I really hope there will be a system to provide the “unike instance” of objects as suggested in my first post. It would require a sytem for defining what variables to set on “random” and within which range, which of course would be different for every object(puh. hope the consept is undestandable. English is not my native language. ). Would be very handy when making nature environment for instance. Maybe there are scripts doing this allready?