Featured on HIGHEND3D.com Home Page!

This must be an extended dream sequence…


My “Floribundus” image was just selected and featured on home page of Highend3d.com
(06-09-05 updates section).

Here’s a direct link to gallery page.

So the Blender Revolution continues 8)


Congrats, RobertT! Good piece of work, and good advert for Blender!


Sweet as man!

Congratulations Robertt… If I’m not mistaken isn’t that one of the first Blender pieces accepted on the site? I haven’t been on that site in awhile so I wasn’t too sure…

Awesome work… reminds me of endi’s style when he did that “Gate” scene…


mzungu: Thanks, and yes, the fact that a Blender render is at a so-called “high end” site is a sign of the times and just a preview of things to come as more Blenderheads get their stuff out there.

Dittohead: Haha, this was sweet.

SysAdm: Thanks so much SysAdm. You may be right. They have quite an exclusive gallery, much like Raph, so all the much sweeter. If it compels a little more respect for Blender’s capabilities and potential, then I’d say mission accomplished :wink:

We have such an awesome program, the power to create virtually anything. I’d like to see more people exercise more of that power and push Blender even further.

Keep on blending, everyone, and get those great works out there!


Congrats Robert!

Roger that 8)

Congratulations from me, too. You deserve it, Floribundus is so beautiful.