Featured thread titles aren't space responsive

I’m not sure is this a new issue, but threads tagged with #featured don’t appear to have space responsive titles due to the featured tag being custom-made, so to speak.

Hmm, I think it runs out of space or something when using many tags. I haven’t been able to fix this - perhaps some CSS wizard can help us out with this?

I suppose you could increase the line-height on the tags so that multiple lines like that wouldn’t overlap, that’s probably the easiest option

Hmm, looking at that topic again I can’t reproduce the issue in Firefox or Chrome (Macos). Can you check again under which circumstances this happens?



It appears to happen specifically to “featured”, no matter how many tags placed before it.
Chrome on Win10


So weird: it seems like the content column on Windows doesn’t render as wide as on Mac/Linux? Could you share a screenshot of what a regular topic with text looks like for you - like the top of this topic?

I, errr, made screenshots of every case I could think of (for fear I misunderstand which regular topic you meant, sorry :sweat:).
Here we have top of the page for comparison (the orange box looks different), no-tags, bunch of regular tags (couldn’t find a longer list), “featured” as a first/last/middle tag:

Seems like “featured” element gets its own line every time, no matter the length or position in the list…