Features request - Things to make blender smarter

First sorry for my english

i have some ideas to improve The modelling in blender
i saw some of them in another programs
so lets begin

  • 1- when you select two Edges And chose ( Merge -> At Center )


you will have this Result


But i think the true behavior is to have this result


** 2- when you select one Vertice And trying to unconnect it ( By using V )
you should have Four little Arows Around the selected Vertice


by selectig one of them you can determine which vertice to unconnect ( for the image you select the upper right one )


*** 3- Extrude Along Curve
select A Face Then Ctrl and select a Curve


Press E and chose ( Extrude Along Curve )
select how many steps you want ( For the image 4 Steps )
And …


**** 4- Inset command is very needed - i know that we can Extrude then Scale but see the images to notice the deference

Extrude + Scale




notice that all selected edges have the same length

***** 5- Spin ; Spin Dup , Screw ; Warp should move to modifiers panel
And have X Y Z to determine the rotation angle insted of view ports As now

****** 6- integrating Bridge ; shell python scrypts into blender as modifiers

thats what i can think about for now any comments or proposals are welcome

Thanks http://blender.org/forum/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

great ideas. Some of those sound very useful, I especially like the extrude along curve idea. Also, I suggest a command console or command line prompt. Basically, just some way to quickly type in a command instead of having to find it with the buttons(like in Rhino3d, you just hit enter and can type in commands).

Yes, I like these ideas. Of course, even when working with edges Blender will assume you really want to work with the vertices, hence the edges merging into a single point.
The thing is, there are many feature requests. One of my priorities being N-gons (meaning polygons other than tris and quads). I guess we’ll have to add this to the list and wait for it to be added. Maybe in a couple of years :smiley:

Good explanations and pictures, good ideas (I’d love to have inset and bridge myself, maybe along with something like a proper bevel / chamfering tool) and stuff.
But this is certainly the wrong place. The development forums over at blender.org would be better to place feature requests. And please go ahead and do so!

Great ideas. I especially like the option to select the corner to rip. I find it a bit annoying that I can never predict which corner’s going to come free when I rip a vert like that.


Just observe where your mouse pointer is. The corner that’s going to get free depends on it. Like, if your mouse pointer is located above the point you selected, it’ll be the ‘upper’ one, when it’s at the left, the left one, etc.

Ah, thanks. Learn something new every day!

thanks my brothers for the comments
the requests are in developer forume now
about the ripping by the place of the mouse it will work in the simple meshs
but when you are in a comlex mesh or when you try to unconnect one vertice from a star shape ( more than 4 edges come from one vertice * ) it will be a nightmare

thanks again :slight_smile: