FedoraCore 3 with Nvidia drivers??

I am not able to run Fedora3 with Nvdia’s

Since there is no inbuilt module for kernel 2.69 that’s why it is not functioning.
Without it the Blender will be dead slow in heavy works, is there a way around?
to run Geforce2Mx400 with full GL support.

thanks for any help


Try running installer with --include-this-kernel (it helped me with installing nvidia module in previous version of drivers). That way installer trys to compile module for your kernel and include it in custom pack. Make sure you have kernel sources installed.

Hope it helps in anyway.

Thanks, LifeRow but I have tried that too and it still dosent works. It does compiles giving some warning but it does not goes beyond “loading kernel modules…” at the next reboot.

Hope there must be a way or I have to fall back on Fedora-1 :frowning:



go here:


maybe you’ll find a solution

Oto recommended good source.
Search for possible driver patches. I found an interesting patch there that made 6111 working with my current kernel (with latest drivers patching wasn’t needed).
I hope you’ll manage to get it working.

Thanks OTO that source has plenty of info (bookmarked it), And they had the one I needed badly :slight_smile:

And it worked too. Thanks

Thanks Liferow but I didn’t need to seatch. it was stright on the main page of the forum. :stuck_out_tongue: