Feed back needed

Hi everyone, i will try to keep this short.
We have a small animation company in Canada and are currently doing commericials for Broadcast and have other potential projects on the horizon. The animation we are using now is not working out and are looking at moving to another package.
So far lightwave with messiah is looking very promising.
I have also been looking at Blender. It rocks! It seems to have everything that we need and what seems to be very stable.
This is onlyone issue I have with right now. We do most of work with remote freelancers. Lightwave seems to have a good talent pool and alot of training support.
Heres the question.
Is there enough people out there that are good to real good at blender. modeling, animating, lighting and such availble to do semi pro to pro work remotely?
any input or advice to where i would find a blender talent pool would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance