Feed is a short film about a group of creatures living in a dersert sparse of food. The creatures spend their all their time searching for food, they live only for their survival when one of them steps over a line and their world is submerged in chaos.

The film had a short production time, one month, as I, after a year of barely animating, felt that I needed to get my ass back in animation gear again. It does have some flaws but I still feel fairly pleased with it and I hope you like it too.

I really enjoyed this Klepoth, the beginning reminds me of the ape scenes from 2001 space oddity, and the ending reminds me of a short film called Descendants. Love the style and use of color and the animation is very good :slight_smile: By the way I may be wrong but one of the best uses of Suzanne that I’ve seen on your characters! Regards

Great work! I also enjoyed Mental Flesh.

Thank you for your comments. I am truly happy that you enjoyed the film and I must say that I’m impressed that you, dreif, identified that I used Suzanne for their heads.