Feedback - Dark Souls Forest

Been working on a new scene recently and I am looking for some criticism and feedback from you, guys. It is sometimes difficult to tweak the right settings to get the amount of light, so I’ve been trying to use Eevee and Cycles to render the same scene with some changes.

These are the 2 images:


This is the setup of the scene:

The scene is somewhat simple, the terrain presents different natural elements such as rocks, trees, bushes, leaves, and whatnot. The central point is the bonfire. It also has a little bit of fog to cover and hide the background and at the very end of the scene, there is a plane with a blue gradient map that gives that bluish color.

so, in your opinion, what would you change?


Some general ideas for improvement:

  • add more trees to give it more sense of depth
  • add Sparks being emitted by the fire and maybe try to do some cool shapes in those with different types of Force fields (vortex, curve guide, smoke and turbulence are probably good ideas)
  • try tweaking the volume density and anisotropy value to get more environmental fog but less bloom by the fire
  • add a smoke column
  • make sword/fire slightly bigger
  • do a rough black and white Blockout of your image (maybe even in a vector/pixel art software to get a general idea of your values and composition
    -mabye force atruangular-like “frame” using the trees tilt to get a better composition.
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Thx for the ideas! I finished the new render just now and I included what you just mentioned, in the scope of my possibilities of course. you were right with the smoke and sparks, and I added a little bit of variation in the fog (texture node) to make it irregular across the scene.

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I like the smoke effect, it’s pretty subtile and also evverything looks kinf of painterly, wich I really like.

I’d just make the sparks reach waaay higher… Like I’d really have them reach at least half of the screeen, if I were you. Because you kind of have a bunch of negative space and not moch visually intresting things to look at in those areas. but mabye this feeling of kind of being lost is also what yu’re going for, IDK