[Feedback for Idea] Organized user-driven Tutorial Website

Hello out there,

I am creating this thread to recieve some feedback for an idea I had roughly one week ago.
Being a pretty new Blender User at all, I got some problems in the start. There are many
good tutorials out there, especially on sites like BlenderCookie or BlenderGuru (Thanks at this
point for creating all the awesome stuff), but aside fromthese, there are
tons of tutorials from single Users, whose maybe do 4-5 tutorials which rott either in
the Forum Category or on YouTube.

Personally, I think that is a problem, so I had the idea to create a Service which offers
basicly that everyone can commit the Tutorials for free actually (ofc), either in Textform
or as Video Embed from YT and that Users can rate the Tutorials based on there expierence with it.


  • You don’t have to worry about Hosting your own Site
  • New Users got another Tutorial Resource
  • More organized than a classical Board
  • Easier to search for Tutorials
  • Content of multiple Users allow a wider varity of Tutorials
  • More views
  • Use of a rating system, you get feedback for your work!


Of course, some people may now say there are also negative aspects, I thought about some of them:

  • Not exclusive on the own site
  • No Income from Ads on the own site.

Currently I am developing the System for this site, so I would like to recieve some feedback what you think
about the idea, especially from Tutorial Creators. Where you see problems, what you would like to see and so on.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Best Regards,

I’m all for it. I don’t really use tutorials so I don’t follow these sites and therefore don’t know if any of my ideas are in any way new or novel, but here’s some things to think about:

Paragraph commenting:
To reduce clutter in the comment thread, commenting could be done per paragraph. This way discussions can be much more focused. Real world Haskell -site uses this approach quite successfully.

Tags are immensely good for searchability. Should also allow users to tag tutorials or even paragraphs.

Encouraging smaller tutorials:
Make a pleasant system for mini-tutorials. Blender changes quite fast and the internet is full of outdated tutorials. Maintaining large tutorials is very laborious, so no one tends to touch them afterward. Smaller ones would be a lot easier to revise and edit, possibly even wiki-style. Allowing users to tag tutorials as outdated would make it easier to keep track of changing features.

Small tutorials would also be easier to tag for content, which would make it easier to find answers to specific issues. They might also encourage conciseness. There’s nothing worse than having an issue that can be answered with one sentence, and the only answer on the net is a 10 minute video with 5 minute intro.

Encourage interconnectedness:
Make it as simple as possible to link to other tutorials or other sources of information; Wikipedia style. This way writers don’t have to explain unrelated but necessary things in their posts.

Question based search:
This is a trickier one, but incredibly useful and doable with some effort. Question is often the first thing that comes to mind, and converting it to most relevant keywords can often lead to irrelevant results.

Users would be able to submit questions like “how do I link objects together”, and the system would show them relevant results that have been linked to it. The result might not answer the question directly, but would at least contain an answer. Synonymous questions would be shown to the users as they type, and of course they would all lead to the same (or related) results.
“how can I link objects together”
“how can I parent objects”
“how do I set object’s parent”
“how can I group objects”
…etc. would be considered synonymous or related. “Grouping” here obviously means something different than parenting, but the user might search for one while meaning the other, so they should show up together.

Linking questions to articles/tutorials or other questions would either be done by moderators or wiki-style by users. User submitted linkings could also be moredated.

This would be a tremendous help for migrating to blender since things have different names in other packages. Users also sometimes don’t have clear idea what to search for, so “incorrect” questions that show up often could be linked to correct ones.

I will need to make a ton of small tutorials at later time for my own tools, and a site like this would be a great help.

Hi anvilSoup,

first of all, thanks a lot for your Feedback as only one of 74 Viewers :slight_smile:

I am planing all of these features you said, I guess a first version for intressted Tutorials Creators will be there in 3-4 Days, round about. Aside from this, I plan to integrate a Tutorial Request Section, where you gain reputation for requested Tutorials.

Probaly I will create a Board which might be a plattform for suggestions and discussion for intressted Tutorial Creators, so if anyone of you is intressted, feel free to write me a PM with your Mail/Skype Contact and I will get in touch with you.

Another user some feedback?

i’d love to contribute, since i’ve done about 10 tutorials, that are just laying around in my vimeo account, and they could be useful, i cant just keep my on site dedicated to tutorials but i’d be nice to be contribution to someone else’s site :slight_smile:


Working today on the tutorial view, this is the current resault:


Currently it works with TinyMCE as Editor and Vimeo+Youtube Integration. The Tags can be easily created using TagInput, these will be ofc. linked later.

What you think, that is a good layout for the tutorials or rather unsuitable?

Current Status:

  • You can create Tutorials
  • View your own Tutorials
  • Integration of Categories
  • View of general Tutorials

To Do:

  • General Tutorial List with Filtering
  • Resources Tab
  • Fancy Tools here and there.

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The Project is still going on, I am working on the Feedback I recieved from electronicPulse and anvilSoup.
One of the Major Problems is, that I need Feedback from Content Creators and also Tutorial Artists which would
like to add their Tutorials to the Site.

If there are any ideas how to get in touch with them, please also add a post.

Thanks in advance,

This is one of those things that Blender really needs…best of luck with your project.

I am unsure if I continue with it. I hoped for some more feedback of Tutorial creators, but maybe my attitude is also wrong.

There are very few people who make blender tutorials systematically and they may not all be reading BA. The rest of them just randomly make tutorials without giving it much thought, so it’s less likely that they have any strong opinions about the sites that they use. In general it’s very hard to get any sort of feedback about anything unless the problems are really glaring.

You shouldn’t feel discouraged by the lack of interest at this point. I’m very keen on seeing this get completed, but I’m currently incredibly busy and haven’t given it enough thought to say anything meaningful yet. Overall it looks quite pleasant, though. I’ll surely nitpick it to pieces when I have the time. Should be enough feedback for you :).

Just keep working on it slowly. Even if you got everything done tomorrow, it would still take months or years before decent amount of people have found your site. I’ll do some tutorials for you at later time to get you started.

I make tutorials from time to time, and would possibly contribute. And yes, continue. Don’t worry about lack of comments. People like tutorials.

  • Organize them well.
  • Give versions of Blender the tutorials will work in.
  • Have the site proof read by a native English speaker. For example, there is no such English word as “Photographies”. There is Photography, which is the art-form of a Photographer, who takes Photographs of things. Hope that helps.
  • I hate to say it, but an issue for me would be the lack of ad income. Figure out a way to keep that intact if possible. I’m very much more enthusiastic about creating tutorials if my videos display my ads. If I make no money from them, I really have better things to do, honestly.

Thanks a lot for your input folks. I guess I will continue, not that fast since my job started now again, but I will.

anvilSoup: Sounds great! Just write me, when you found some time.

3dmedieval: Those photography stuff is content from the template, nothing created by myself. The idea with the reading is a good idea. Concerning Versions, you mean a dropdown for them?

Also, which kind of ads you mean? YT Ads, private ads…? Just give me a hint as tutorial creator which you would like to have integrated, and also in which way?

Thanks again.