Feedback needed for a tutorial scene - Autumn Jetty

Hi guys,

Putting together a scene for a tutorial and looking for some feedback before I begin planning the lesson(s).
Been working on this scene for a while and it’s been a challenge, always trying to keep in mind that things need to be relatively simple (both models and materials) for tutoring purposes, but at the same time trying to pull off a nice looking result. This is what I have currently.

Be as cruel or kind as is justified :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.



I think the work is good, it gives imression of nice autumn evening.
Although I think that the lantern is too big in relation to other objects. If one drawn perspective line it would appear that the lantern is about to be half as big as girl’s body. I don’t think it should be like that.
The trees in the background seem to be good, but they are all of nearly the same color. I understand that’s autumn time, still there could be some variation.
The planks of the pier seem to be displaced too much (as if they were just brought there without any wood work done). Their textures are nice, I think you could just lower the displacement.
Keep it up and good luck.

Yep, as Zak said, the lantern is a little too distracting, I would try placing it next to the girl, which would help to draw focus to her. It would also make more sense, in my opinion, to put it next to a person rather than having it lying in the middle of nowhere. Other than that, I’d say you have a very pleasing render!

I think that it’s very beautiful in general, well done.
Especially liked the mood and the colors.

Regarding improvements - currently, the image is unbalanced - the bright sky and the bright lamp are both to the left.
Maybe try to flip the sky + mountains horizontally, so that the lamp would stay where it is and the brighter side of the sky would be in the right.

I would also try to defocus some parts a bit - the far trees are too sharp, especially those who meet the sky.

Good luck

I think it needs to reeds, grass, weeds growing around the edge of the pier.
The area just under the edge of the pier wouldn’t get trampled by human or beast so would grow bigger and thicker than plants in the open areas.

The pier itself might benefit from somewhere to tie a boat to.

Also could do with a robot butler standing to attention on the foreground part of the pier.

(that last point was a bit whimsical and just something I’d be tempted to do)