Feedback Needed: Human Head WIP

(Apollux) #1


I need your feedback on this proyect I’m working on.
Please tell me what you think and specially where I can improve it.


(Bapsis) #2

Nice, you did a good job on modeling the face. Ony critique i could provide woudl be that i think the bump mapping on the skin is a little too heavy, his face looks all craterd up. I think also that you could improve the eyes a bit, try these out and see if they look any better:

Other than that, great work.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(VelikM) #3

Thats a good job! Eye lids, model the eyes seperately (then you can animate them, add an empty in front of the head and make both eyes track it, Ctrl-t), it kind of looks bug eyed. :wink:

(Apollux) #4

Thanks for your help!!

Yeap, the face texture is only a stand-in until I have time for doing something more elaborated.

Actually the eyes are separete meshes, AND where done by fallowing that tutorial, however, my texture map for the iris didn’t turned as good as the one in the tutorial… mine was done on PhotoDeluxe with the noise, circular blur, more noise, more circular blur… and so on aplied on diferent layers. Anyone knows a method for making more real-looking iris? I found some human iris photos on the web, but don’t want to use them since I want the character to be 100% CG.

Right now I’m trying to improve and optimise the look of the hair before giving him a more decent hair style.

(SKPjason) #5

I really like the way in which you modeled this… quite organic in feel…

My only suggestion is that the cheek bone under the eyes seems a little shallow… hollowed out, with the cheek coming to more of a severe point than normal… perhaps you could fatten this area out, give it more of a fleshy feel…

I thought you did a wonderful job on the nose. Quite smooth, flowing design, a natural curved flare… Very good.

Perhaps also you could protrude the eyebrow area a little more, give it more of a “bunched” feeling. Though I do think you’ve captuired perfectly the area between the bottom of the brow and the eye socket… very natural.

I can’t wait to see your progress on this, I think it will come out quite amazing.


(Apollux) #6

:smiley: Hey Guys!!

Just updated the WIP with some hair… 1000% particle generated.

Could you help me decide wich color fits better the character?.

in the menwhile I’ll be working on the neck … I need to rest my eyes… already having hair nightmares :o

Tell me what you think.

(Apollux) #7

After reading the feedfack in the CGTalk forum, I started to doub if particles were the right way to go, so decided to give planes a try.

Tell me wich one should I continue developing, Particles/Planes?

Of course, general feedback is wellcome.

P.D. Has someone used the hair script for blender? if so could you please show me how it looks?

(Stungun) #8

Try to use VertexPainting to give some color to the face
Some darker areas around the eyes, some redish and blueish hues around the rest of the face, you know.

:slight_smile: it works!

  • Stungun