Feedback needed! Toon city

I’m working with this toon like city and I Don’t know what do with it next. I would like to put them more objects but what and where? Other comments appreciated too.
I’ll put this to focused before I put it into finished project just because it is still kind of lame… So what’s wrong in it and What’s good?

its good, but a little 2dish. but i like it, can’t think of what else to add

Yeah it’s meant to be 2D :slight_smile:

i know :slight_smile:
thats what i thought

Hey, can you please host these with imageshack as well? Id love to critique, but whatever host your using isnt working on my computer…

I’m using flick… Should work?

Anyway, I hate imageshack so I’ll put it into forum with attachment now =)


Ha, it should, my internet isp/virus blocker is a bit finicky sry :slight_smile:

About your work: I really like it. It certainly looks 2d at the moment, though some soft shadows hint otherwise. my crits thus far: The rain starts a bit too early, and maybe a couple columns to thin. The windows would look nice with a bit of variation,a nd perhaps some shadows(light variation isnt totally realistic, but it can make an image look better)
I like the background, though the crease looks a tad odd. A tip: As the buildings get farther back, darken their shader just a bit(the grey shader). That helps the eye easily discern depth, without having to set up any crazy lighitng rigs.

Anyway, keep it up. Maybe add a couple planes, some cars(are you showing the street?), some suicide jumpers(just kidding), etc.

Summary: Looking very nice.


Thanks very much! That suicide jumper is very lovely idea… Have to try(hah)
I think that background colors are bit too harsh when I look it now. I could try to make street and maybe a couple of trash bins and lamps etc…
That was very pleasent comment by the way!

Im very flattered, and therefore glad to help :slight_smile:

So here is the quick update! Background is so-so but I’m gonna fix it better tomorrow when I have more time… What do you think :slight_smile:


I made that car move with Curve but I don’t know how to change its speed? I know it is done with IPO curve editor but I can’t make key in to that speed and don’t know how so can you help me out?

You know, I really like that background actually, maybe just mix up which color layer is on top.

The cars look alright, but they a) look too uniform, and b) a bit bland. Spice them up with headlights, fun shapes, antennae, etc.
Also, Id make them a bit smaller(they look too big for their current simplicity), and maybe replace one with a bus(which can be even smaller so it doesnt become too dominant).
About the curve: I believe there is an option on the curve to change that, but if youd like, take the last keyframe(where the car is at the end of the curve), and drag it out as far as you’d like it to take
Anyway… your making great progress, keep em comin’!


I just rendered a test video of my toon city =) Here is the sucky youtube link:

If you want a hi res, ask it and maybe I can put it then to mediafire or something. So, say what do you think.

Very nice! The animation is smooth, looks very nice.
The volumetrics of the headlights stsrt from a point which looks okay, but it would be better if you move the spot behind the car a bit so its starts a bit thicker. Also, the wheels on the yellow vehicle(bus?Astro van?) are a bit big, or the vehicle is set too high, because it looks oddly tall.

Looking great, keep it comin’

Thanks, mate! Yeah, it looks a little pimped car :] First I was going to make a bus but I didn’t bother so I let it be that looking. And it wasn’t a good idea at all.
At least those headlights are easy to fix. gwarsh it goes fast, that video. I thought it would be longer :slight_smile:
What do you think if I put a Zeppelin into the sky? I don’t want to but plane there because it is such a pain in the ass to make like 2D…

Btw, My sister said that I have to put a wizard and it would cast a spell and then car start levitating… Yea I know, She’s mad(and She’s 17 ! ) : D But If I have time I would try to model some kind of wizard.

Yeah, planes can be a pain(in general), and a zeppelin would look fantastic.

One thing to think about: Since in general these models are pretty simple, Id try some UV mapping. Just some simple stuff on the front of each model to add a bit of detail. Even do it all in blender. Once you try it out, it can add tons to any model, just simple little details. Oh, and I still want street lamps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, yeah, I think a wizard would be a tad out of place :slight_smile: Any 2.5D stuff is fun to make though, just pushing those old boundaries…


it is funny: you have to get a 3d-software and then you want to do just 2d-works : P
oh, Streetlamps! Totally forgot.
I have to admit that I have never tried UVmapping. except once. But I haven’t anymore because I don’t know what is a hotkey to unwrap (this is real story!) So can you tell me? You are a great help in this project, Free_ality, I owe you one (hah)

Ha, yeah, UV mapping is in general pretty scary, but with simpler objects(and ones without many curves) its much easier.

Go into face mode(f-key in 3d mode, f agin to return to object mode),
select all faces(a-key) and hit the u-key.
That’ll bring a little menu up.
Go to the very bottom option(unwrap smart projections) and click that.
It’ll bring up an unwrapping UI. Keep the default settings, and click unwrap.
In one of your extra Blender windows, go into the UV/Image editor, and it(your unwrapped geometry) should all be there.
Click click the image button on the bottom left of this screen, make a new image, make the resolution 1024x1024, name it, and then you’ll have your map.
Back in your face mode screen click on the faces you want to paint, and they will show up in the UV editor(all the unselected faces will disappear, dont worry about it)
Paint away(c button to bring up paint controls, make sure the little paintbrush button is selected, or you wont be able to paint anything, you’ll still be in UV edit mode)

Ha, hope you can decipher all that :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll take some trial and error, but good luck.

Anyway, you can call me Drew, and Ive got plenty of time to help, so why not :slight_smile:

Peace man.

Well, hello Drew : )
Thanks for great advices again. I got almost everything working… but I cannot paint to the object… It is unwrapped and I have selected the brush tool but no. Any ideas?

Nice job so far.
I know I’m late to this party but here’s my thoughts:

  1. The cars look really big compared to the buildings.
  2. Maybe make some of the windows black, usually you don’t find every light on in a city.
  3. The buildings could use some doors.

You’re doing very well, keep it up.