Feedback needed Weekend challenge #346 Synthetic

I don’t have a lot of time this weekend for the challenge so thought i would make something quick.


First look Crits: Shadow samples, pixelated shadows on back wall
Lack of reflections, maybe an HDRI image? 2 light directions? I’m seeing two sets of shadows. Maybe some DOF? It would be pretty extreme when you are in this close.
Fog, gas of some kind out of the beaker?

It also may be overexposed. Its looking good though!

This is the final I think. Cleaned it up a bit. No smoke from the beaker and I think that only happens when you mess up.


The E-flask seems a bit squished, you should try stretching it a bit along the z-axis, and maybe change the marks on it to plain white instead of bumpmap

looks OK, but…

is the text in the back supposed to be squished?
(and so is the marble)

and, change the specular shader for the glass material to “Wardlso”