Feedback on an animation set

This is my second project with blender, I did the 30+30 tutorial to make Gus first, and I am looking for some feedback and ideas. It is going to be a set for an animation with most of the action be close-ups on the counter top and stove.
I am happy with model of the Lacanche stove and the Chemex coffee pot. The texture for the granite counter top works for me. I plan on adding a refrigerator out of view camera left and a hood over the stove. The wall and texture are temporary just to give my test renders a felling of being enclosed.

I am having trouble getting a wood for the cabinets that looks reasonable. I also got a weird effect on the reflection of the floor. I added a seamless image texture to the floor as a bump map to give it the fake grout lines you get on cheap linoleum. It looked great on the floor but the ray reflection on the stove showed the lines as almost black.


The Chemex coffee pot.


Nice job so far. about getting black lines on your reflection, try turning up the raydepth in the material buttons. good luck!