Feedback on ermine rig

For the past few days now, I’ve been working on my new obsession: ermines.
Being taken with them, I decided to satisfy my obsession by modeling one.

And yes, I mean ‘open’ as in ‘you can download and change it’. But before that, I would like some feedback on my model/rig. Thank you.


I would crit it but I don’t know what an ermine is and Im too lazy to google it. Maybe if you had an explanation you might get more crits

My goal is to make a downloadable rig in the form of an ermine. Ermines or Stoats are much like ferrets. Here is an image:


Cute little guys! Nice start, the head you made looks nice. But the mesh is much to dense for this stage of modelling imo… wouldn’t it be easier to model a simple base mesh and then add the details ?
keep it up,

would be cool to give it a nice and flexible body rig, just like the worm tutorial:

I tend to agree with deFStonE the mesh looks way to dense. Is this with the subsurfmodifier, in which case you should post a wire of the base mesh, or is this without?

yes, it’s with subsurf. I’ll post an image without subsurf on the next update.

Edit: I added a neck.


Argh. Stoats eat Kiwi eggs oh noes. Stupid stoats. You need to work on the ears, they look pretty strange right thurr

ah, okay, that looks reasonable although the head mesh is quite dense… i wouldn’t use this much loops at this stage… too much loops make it difficult to find the basic shape of the model imo.
i agree with Anthony concerning the ears, they look pretty flat… give them some “thicknes” to make’em look more organic

other than that: very clean mesh an d nice modelling !

Thank you for the replies. I added a body and the two front legs. I don’t have any toes yet, but I will model some when I get a clean idea of the body and back legs done.