Feedback on interior scene

Hey blender artists, I’ve been working on this little interior scene on the side with the hopes of finally achieving full blown photo-realism. I always feel as if there’s just a certain look that I see in other interior renders I consider photo-realistic which I can never quite achieve. Other than the chair (which I’ve already replaced) is there anything that stands out to you all which I may be missing. I’m coming to the end of a huge client project and want to add a few nice things to the portfolio before I find my next client project. Any criticism/advice would be appreciated.


It looks photorealistic to me. There are just a few details that need to be fixed:

  • The building feels too cold. The lighting is blue, while looking out the window, the scenery is warmer colours.
  • I noticed there are 3 weird symbols (stickers?) to the left, on a window pane. Something needs to be done about it, I suggest removing them.
  • The window structure needs work. What I see is that there is a gap between the brick walls and the window frame, which the plant can grow through. That’s fine, but there is no where that the frame connects to the wall. It also seems to clip once into the bricks (on the top-right). Maybe add some bars that connect between the frame and wall.
  • Next to the pots, something is sitting on the floor. Are they fabrics? They don’t seem to sit on the ground properly.
  • The back if the painting canvas is not as rough as they usually are. Where are the many uneven staples to keep the material in place with its wooden frame? Also, the fabric isn’t folded over correctly at the corners. Too sharp and even, with the lack of a fold on the back side.

Thanks so much, this helps a ton. I’ll fix these and then post the result.

Well, I finally got around to it… :slight_smile:


Well done !

I believe this is going to be featured.
It has captured this loft, artsy bohemian style.
beautiful !

I can see some fireflies still - you could retouch them in post pro maybe, but I love the details in this one
really shows the amount of work and skill invvolved.

PS. We have just launched a contest for interior archviz with a personal touch
so If you have time for a next project of this kind I’m sure you’d hit the right spot.
more info here :

keep blending
Jarek D(DJ)

Thanks, Ya I’m planning to address the fireflies before I post it as a completed work although I’m not sure if i should do it in post with this result or re-render with more samples first. This was only about 450 samples or so and no de-noiseing. I’d love to throw my hat in the ring for the garage-farm contest. I really enjoy the quality of your guy’s service though I’ve only just tested it a couple times and never fully integrated it into my workflow.

It looks really great
I would increase the dof but this is more a personal preference I guess :smiley:
The plants are very good btw!