Feedback on Photorealistic Rendering

Hi Blender Community.

This is my first post. I picked up Blender about 3 weeks ago and I am working on a project to model, shade and render an air purifying device. I am at a point were I am 80% happy with the result, but I am still lacking some photorealism in the render.

My setup is just one simple point light, so I think I can improve the look by using an HDRI. Does someone know a good HDRI tutorial for Blender. Also any comment and critique would be highly apprciated on what I could improve to improve the realism.

Here is one of my latest renders:

Thanks all.


In terms of photo real, it depends on your final goal for this render/model. For a clean product photo, then this is pretty close already. Just make a nice white backdrop to fill the background, and perhaps add a some subtle edge lighting. HDR’s can be good, but again, context is key.

Thanks for the advise. Yes, it’s going to be clean product photos. I am not unhappy with the results, but I think I can improve with the lighting setup and the shaders.

Here is a photo of the actual device that I am trying to recreate:

The tone of the white of the device is a bit different and the button doesn’t have the metallic quality yet.

I’m also lacking the radial shaping marks of the button. Any suggestion how to recreate those in 3D? I guess a bump map would help here.