Feedback on site

Hi, Been a while since I have really been involved here at BA. I’m hoping to start getting more involved once things have settled down a little after getting married this past July 3rd. Currently at a crappy university so I don’t exactly have too much free time. Anyway, here is my site that I would like to ask your opinions of.

I’m not worried about harsh constructive criticism. Basically all of my works on the site is all developing photography so I can take criticism of my works too if you want to give feedback. :RocknRoll: I just wanted to see what other artists thinks of the basic site. I do have plan to add a subtle dark background and a header image.


I like all the pictures of the animals especially the duck and the white eagle (pg 8) :slight_smile:
I just found the page thing!

Nice site :wink:

Page thing? you mean clicking through to the individual posts? hmm… Maybe I should think about how to indicate that each of these images have to be clicked on to get through to the individual posts?

Thanks for your compliments :slight_smile:

I like the duck and your face :slight_smile: