Feeding a Particle Simulation or Geometry Nodes with a Table of Coordinates

Hi everybody,

I’m about to start a project with some scientists who deal with dynamics of different kinds of small particles (cells, molecules, grains etc.). I’m supposed to turn their data of particle movements into a nice animation. I expect them to give me some tables of data to transform these raws and columns of numbers into visible moving objects.
My question is: Do you know if it’s possible to some how feed these numbers from a text file into the geometry nodes or even the particle system of blender so that I can get a particlesimulation that’s an exact translation of the data they give me?
And if it’s possible, what kind of data files would I need?

I’m very exited to learn if there’s a way :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

In my experience, the venerable Blender particle system can’t be driven by external data. Ask the scientist to provide you with animated point clouds in the Alembic format. After import, you would have points that could work with GeometryNodes.

That’s a good idea, thank you! It didn’t come to my mind that the scientists could also work with formats like Alembic…
I’m going to ask them…

Hey man, do you still remember this post? - How To Animate A Sphere Morphing To A Plane?

That yours, glad that you’re still alive.

Now I have same question as yours was been there.

Now your turn to answer me: how can I do it in Blender 3.1?