Feel Good Candy

I am currently writing a graphic novel and, more specifically, I am using Blender to do all of the artwork. I am creating a Kickstarter project that has yet to be launched, here:


From what I have been told by others, the success of a Kickstarter project is equal to the amount of effort put into it. I have been working on this particular Kickstarter project since early November of last year. I want the entire Blender community to know about my graphic novel, “Feel Good Candy.”

I have chosen to do everything in Blender because I believe the program is as good as or better than the leading 3-D modeling software that you have to pay for. Using Blender allows me to make and own my artwork and be apart of a welcoming community of fellow artists and 3-D modeling and sculpting entrepreneurs. And with Blender by my side, I do not need a software license.

My question is: how do I spread the word? I want to reach everyone and those who feel that the reward is equal to the pledge amount can likewise donate to my cause or, if they do not have any money, spread the word to those who do. I am at the mercy of the internet and I greatly want to write and illustrate this graphic novel.

I also have an official Facebook page for the graphic novel as well, here:

My final question is: will you help me make this a success? Thank you.

Minter Tweed