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This was originally in the “Off-topic Chat” section, but I decided my plea might be worthy enough to be in this forum. Thank you.

I am currently writing a graphic novel and, more specifically, I am using Blender to do all of the artwork. I am creating a Kickstarter project that has yet to be launched, here:


From what I have been told by others, the success of a Kickstarter project is equal to the amount of effort put into it. I have been working on this particular Kickstarter project since early November of last year. I want the entire Blender community to know about my graphic novel, “Feel Good Candy.”

I have chosen to do everything in Blender because I believe the program is as good as or better than the leading 3-D modeling software that you have to pay for. Using Blender allows me to make and own my artwork and be apart of a welcoming community of fellow artists and 3-D modeling and sculpting entrepreneurs. And with Blender by my side, I do not need a software license.

My question is: how do I spread the word? I want to reach everyone and those who feel that the reward is equal to the pledge amount can likewise donate to my cause or, if they do not have any money, spread the word to those who do. I am at the mercy of the internet and I greatly want to write and illustrate this graphic novel.

I also have an official Facebook page for the graphic novel as well, here:

My final question is: will you help me make this a success? Thank you.

Minter Tweed

Without posting a single picture, it will be hard to convince anyone you can pull it off.

Welcome to the community, Minter Tweed! I’m also originally from Savannah, GA.

You have taken up an exciting project, but I’m concerned that you may have this the wrong way round. One does not generate popularity, THEN content.
Here’s an active kickstarter for a Blender project. You will notice that it has been very successful! This is because the creator has credentials. People supported him because they know they’ll get something high-quality in return. They don’t just have to take his word for it; he has directed a short film already, has loads of extant artwork, assets, a script, and even a small crew.

So, the real question here is: What do you have?

http://www.scribd.com/doc/79527580/Feel-Good-Candy-Volume-One-Lick-The-Rainbow he has that. as far as making that a grahical novel in the usa…i wouldn’t try it. opening with underage lesbian sex scean may get a kiddie porn charge. going from that to child drug use…you may get publicity but not the kind you want. and remember its in georgia the bible belt. might be lucky if the police get you 1st. i would not try to make much less publish that being afraid i would be forced to ask to be paid in cigarettes aka jail money.

his language listing weights and hights in metric, and having stoners ask “who is the eldest” rather than oldest makes me think they may not be american and therefore unaware of the legal and safety risks they may be taking.

@rdo3, That should be the least of his worries. Savannah, GA is an oasis of art and culture in the South, and although there have been indictments in the past, material like this is protected under the first amendment.

Interesting. I won’t comment on your choice of a story, but I will say that I don’t think controversial topics will raise much money. Especially if what is controversial is actually illegal in real life, and the story is promoting it. I’ll stop there.

All illegality aside, I just don’t think this project looks very interesting. Why should we care? What’s the story really going to be about? What universal themes are going to interest your audience?

A lot more thought needs to be put into this before you start asking for money.

Wow, a lot of people responded in a very short amount of time. Tell me if I miss anyone!

@MadMinstrel: Hence the reason why I have not launched it yet. “Minter Tweed” is a pseudonym I have adopted for my graphic novels and written novellas. But if you would like to see a glimpse at some of my illustration work, you may visit here:


Hopefully, you will find some confidence in my abilities. I plan to draw the four main characters (Fawn, Grey, Clove, and another person who is unknown at the moment) in great detail and place the images either on Kickstarter or on an accompanying website, like:


I also intend on fully modeling the leading character (Grey) in all her glory and showing off the said model in the Kickstarter video along with some wireframe and ambient occlusion shots in the description.

@Rocketman: Thank you for introducing me to the community. I actually graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. I have lived off and on in Savannah since 2005. I agree that it is always better when you have something to show. I actually already have Tube’s Kickstarter page saved on my desktop because I like how they go about some things. Like, showing a timeline for where they are in production and where they plan to go. I definitely think I should have something like that. Apart from what I said to @MadMinstrel, remember, this is my first graphic novel, so hopefully there are people in the Kickstarter community who will take a leap of faith for me and if not, then I can always work further on the project and re-post on Kickstarter (which you are allowed to do). I understand organic modeling (humans specifically) and I understand good topology. I have been doing 3-D modeling since Alias Maya 6 was released. If you know of a way I can convey that in my Kickstarter project, I would greatly appreciate your help!

@rdo3: Rocketman is right. Also, remember, just because an artist chooses to show in his art immoral behavior does not mean that the artist themselves is immoral. Do you actually believe that Stephen King keeps the heart of a little child on his desk (even though he said so in an interview)? I am very aware of the fact that the majority of people will find my characters immoral. But I also feel that the United States of America needs a good dose of immorality (or what “conservatives” believe to be immoral). Just because a person takes an illegal drug, does that make them immoral? I do not think so. Just because two girls are a little, and excuse me for using this term because of a lack of a better one, bi-curious and it is shown in the pages of a graphic novel, is that immoral? I do not think so, but we also may disagree and I will fight for your right to disagree.

@Jonathan L: Basically, read the latter part of what I said to rdo3.

@Illusionist: Ah, yes, universal themes. There are many. Some controversial, some spiritual in nature. Basically, there is a pill that allows anyone who takes it to visit an alternate reality where the mind rules all and the physical body is purely an illusion (not meant to be a pun off of your name). I plan for there to be probably about ten graphic novels in total, the plots are many, the characters are diverse, and if I was to give everything away on these message boards, then you would have no reason to even consider taking a look at my graphic novel. Why should you care? That is a very good question. I guess if you are interested in candy kids and hallucinogens and alternate forms of existence, then you might be interested. But if you are not at all interested in those things, then you should not care. And I will not blame you for that. What is the story really going to be about? I say in the opening paragraph underneath “The Graphic Novel” title what it is going to be about. There are three girls (Fawn, Grey, and Clove) who become part of an underground drug culture, some willingly and some unwillingly. This then leads into the many philosophical debates that surround hallucinogens about alternate realms of existence, the after-life, and questioning all of our assumptions about what we perceive to be real. So, obviously I am catering to an audience who is open-minded and enjoys discovering what is on the other side of the looking-glass (I swear that is the only “Alice in Wonderland” reference I will make in this post). Much thought has been put into it. If that is not apparent by reading my Kickstarter project, then please help me get to that point. I have been working on this story since my first year of college (eight years ago) and what I have shown thus far does not even begin to explain the complexity of what is “Feel Good Candy.” I do not rush into things lightly. I would not make a Kickstarter project on a whim. If I was that brash, why would I even make an effort to talk to the Blender community? Believe me. More thought has been put into this than you may have thought.

Edit: I just re-read everything I wrote and I feel like I am coming off very condescending. I do not mean to. So, if you feel like I am trying to put you down in some way, I am not.

I wasn’t discussing your or your character’s morality, I was just stating that it will be harder to get money because of the controversial topic.

You can write about whatever you want and you have a right to it. I am intentionally not going into the whole what is wrong or right conversation because it will lead nowhere and we will all lose respect for each other.

This looks like pretty fringey material; fringe material is a tricky sell. Have to know, is this your first comic?

Also have you seen “Enter the Void”? Great dark psychedelic film from a few years ago by the guy who directed “Irreversible”. Long and full of somewhat gratuitous sex (French movies, heh) but i liked it and i see some thematic parallels.

Getting people to the page will involve mainly tapping the networks of people who read this kind of stuff. I dunno about seeking an audience for this amongst the people who use the same software as you plan to though - are you hitting up online spaces with the kind of people who read artier/fringier manga & GNs too?

I think to present a proposition with enough value to part money from wallets, you want to reveal at least part of the story as a treatment so people know what they’re in for, concept art of the characters so they have something visual to connect with, and other stuff upfront. I found the opener of girl-on-girl a bit confronting myself; if it were me i would leave more to the imagination in the eventual execution, probably doing it in silhouettes - but eh, your story, you know what you want to do. :slight_smile: Just make the details of what you’re doing abundantly clear, sell the story and characters on their merits as hard as possible - inform people but leave them wanting more. The pitch on your KS page doesn’t really inform or intrigue me enough yet to get me to cross that line.

In your pitch you also want to show that the project has all the momentum it can have, that it’s ready to explode and that all you need is just this little bit extra to cross the threshold. You want to show that you’ve done as much as you can (and show lots of what you’ve done, too). People relate to a struggling underdog because we’ve all been there.

Good luck with this! Hope you manage to annoy a few more squares with a bit of hallucination-soaked girlie action while you’re at it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for saying that. I was just a bit affronted by most of the people’s response to my original post. I did not expect such an outcry of the story being completely immoral. But thank you for saying that, because I believe it is a very good thing for us to respect one another at the end of the day (as a community of artists).

@quollism: It is probably more fringe, grit, and dark than your normal graphic novel. To explain, there will be black gutters throughout the graphic novel (to set the tone).

And I actually have not seen “Enter The Void,” but now I am interested. There is this film coming out called “Beyond The Black Rainbow,” I believe, and it looks to be rather psychedelic and morbid. So, I am looking forward to seeing that.

If you know of any message boards that cater to such crowds, I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me to them. The only site that I know of that talks openly and without bias about hallucinogens is Erowid, but I think they took down their message board. Otherwise, I would be posting a similar message on there as well.

Yes. Content reigns supreme! I promise that I will have more content to show over the next month as I am working on it at the moment. If you would like to give some direct criticism about my Kickstarter project and what you think it needs, directly, then feel free! I am completely open to suggestions. The project has yet to be launched because I know it is not good enough yet.

I agree that I need to show momentum and urgency. I can not even begin to do full models of sets including characters and lighting because I literally am working on a 12-year-old Dell computer. It is slow, to say the least.

Hopefully, I will not annoy people. Rather, I want to inspire philosophical discussions. Haha! My goal is not to annoy people with the contents of my graphic novel. Thank you, quollism, for the wonderful comments!

I looked at your portfolio, Minter, and I’m surprised that you haven’t re-posted some of that material already. It’s good.

I used to do a webcomic with Blender here. People often asked me for tips on doing a 3D webcomic, and I would actually try to discourage them from doing so because so many people think of 3D as a shortcut to making content without having to learn how to draw/design. If you can’t do a 2D comic, your 3D comic will look even worse.

But that’s not the case with you! You clearly already know how to draw and design. You might just have what it takes…

Wow! I consider that a high compliment, especially from someone who has done what I am planning on doing. Thank you. If I may, I would like to talk to you at length about doing a graphic novel using Blender if at all possible.

A note to only some of you: the reality I am portraying in “Feel Good Candy” is not our reality. The things that happen are neither moral nor immoral. It is the realities of a fictional world. There are shades of gray everywhere. I love how rdo3 immediately assumes that the boy in the white rabbit suit is a “stoner” simply on the basis that the boy hands a pill to one of the three girls. This kind of logic shows the closed-mindedness that happens when people are confronted with situations that are stigmatized in one’s society. Where does it say in the story that he is a “stoner?” You will not find a single reference. But then rdo3 was correct in guessing that this does not take place in the United States of America, so I will give them credit for noticing that.

I love how rdo3 immediately assumes that the boy in the white rabbit suit is a “stoner” simply on the basis that the boy hands a pill to one of the three girls.
Just a comment, but I don’t see how this is closed mindedness. If you open with a scene of someone in dark clothing entering a house at night and taking valuable items and then leaving, would you not expect it to be a burglar? Even if he isn’t then the author is obviously portraying him as one intentionally to surprise the reader later.

You cant simply forget everything you know about life when you read a book, its just the way it is. Its like saying “I never said the two girls were lesbians, you guys are too presumptuous”

I don’t mean to be insulting, so sorry if I sound that way. Did you think of him as giving drugs (even a little bit) when you made him? If you did at all, you are just as “closed minded”

Again, sorry if that sounds harsh or condescending, I just wanted to point this out to you because it does not make sense to me at all.

EDIT: I just re read post #4 and understandably misread the link. http://www…/F…ck-The-Rainbow:slight_smile:

I wrote a long, drawn-out explanation, but BlenderArtists was lovely enough to sign me off in mid-sentence, while typing. I doubt most of you would care to read it anyway. But I will say this, no, I do not think it is presumptuous to think that Grey and Clove are lesbians, but I would urge you to read closer, because you would only be half right.

Minter, good luck with this. I hope it does well. My advice to you is to work on the novel as much as possible in complete secret. You can be finished with the novel before you even open the kickstarter project. The funding can be for printing the novel.

I also recommend that you draw it. I am one of the group that came into 3d expecting it to be easier than learning to draw. Now I realize that it is not a shortcut at all. I don’t see any 3d work in your portfolio, so I assume you are somewhat of a 3d novice. Take it from me, it is much easier to draw the scenes by hand. Much easier.

I too don’t connect with the seedier side of life portrayed by your story. Reminds me of the Matrix. But I am also not offended by it like some. I think that it actually may be easier to succeed with such a theme, since it may get people talking about it good or bad. Good luck man, I hope it succeeds.

Off Topic: Wow Tube is doing great! Bassam certainly deserves the break. Good to see one of our own succeeding.

My advice to you is to work on the novel as much as possible in complete secret.

Actually, that was also the suggestion of my ex-girlfriend (she is also still a very good friend and tends to give good advice).

I don’t see any 3d work in your portfolio, so I assume you are somewhat of a 3d novice.

Actually, I am no novice when it comes to modeling humans, at least. Hard-surface modeling is supposedly easier and I have never had a problem with it. Basically, I have been modeling since Alias Maya 6 was released when I was in high school. I have learned how to model over the years in the various forms of Maya, 3ds Max, and now Blender. I also understand how to make rigs in Autodesk Maya. From what I have heard, those who worked on the Blender Foundation project, Sintel, made it so you can use the human rig they used in their short film. I heavily look forward to this, because Blender is a new program for me and I absolutely hate making a working rig with FK/IK handles.

Off Topic: Wow Tube is doing great! Bassam certainly deserves the break. Good to see one of our own succeeding.

Yeah, and they deserve it. Although I am only asking for less than a fifth of what their original asking price was for, but it is amazing to see the Kickstarter embrace such a project.

Thank you for your wonderful comments, 3dementia!