Feel lucky, punk?

Hey guys! I would like to show you my latest artwork, a cartoon portrait of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. I had a fun time make his hair :smiley:

Sculpted in zbrush, lookdev in Blender.

Ps.: I tried to work this character in blender 2.8, but the hair does not work very well yet.

Go ahead, make my day and give it a comment :smiley:


youve done a good job with the callahan caricature! the older rendition adds a twist to the character, with deep, long wrinkle lines implying his age. its sad that hairs not working in 2.8 yet; i do hope eevee will bring a better workflow for designing your characters. nice work!

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thanks! I got a very nice result with the shading in eevee, but the hair came out very weird. Maybe for now, I’ll try to mix eevee+cycles :sweat_smile:

This is great but the forehead wrinkles not being horizontal just looks odd (to me at least).

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clint eastwood does have some diagonal wrinkles in his forehead, I just exaggerated a lot :smiley: