Feelers - Artists for 20,000 sq. ft of World Class Interior Renders

Hello all,

This is a 100% serious “feeler” post for those who might be interested in participating as part of a team to do interior renderings of a really big classic French house…very ornate. (20,000 sq. feet) This is a real house project by one of the wealthiest people in the world. I can only offer “feelers” at this point because this particular client will, more than likely, solicit bids from more established rendering companies…and projects like this take an inordinate amount of planning.

My connection to the project is one of Project detailer for the interior design firm in a contract capacity, CAD drawings and 3D renderings…I am a furniture maker as well and have built pieces for this group. I have a history with the firm.

Over the years, I have done smaller 3D renderings for this firm using blender and they know Blender is capable. I am interested in bidding and managing the rendering component for this project and have asked that I be considered as potential bidder as we all know blender / cycles can more than deliver the quality they are looking for.

I cannot submit a bid/team summary though unless I have other artists who are able to participate, this is more than a one man job as the time frame will be, more than likely, very aggressive. I would need artists who are willing to work as a team, some producing models, others materials and still others scenes and all working within a collaboration friendly scheme and willing to abide by the protocols set…scene names, material names, file names, file submissions, etc. The amount of modeling/texturing to be done on a 20,000 sq. ft. French home is staggering.

The budget is big, so talented people will get paid and on time, this client values competence; however, there has to be no doubt that the work can be performed. As such, before even such a job is secured, you’d have to show work and participate in discussions to help determine compatibility and capability between team members.

I would think perhaps a team of myself and 3 other potential artists would be required, maybe less depending on efficiency or skillset…and these artists have to understand that this is a “maybe”. My goal here is to assemble a list of the “interested and able”… that if the trigger is pulled rapidly at some point in the future, would be dependable to begin work right away. I know that’s rough, but those who are self-employed know this game.

Due to the scale of the project and the planning process, the “right away” time could be a year out…but there is no knowing when bidding or portfolio would be requested and I am simply being aggressive to try and be prepared. I think this a awesome opportunity for Blender…many “for hire” rendering houses do not use blender.

I also understand that acting on a “maybe” is a long shot for many…I’m not looking for those folks, I myself don’t know if this will happen or I’ll even be considered, but I am next to the decision makers. More experienced free-lancers who have had a contact “come through” years down the line will understand what I’m talking about. My last job with this firm was 5 years ago and TBH, i didn’t quite think I’d hear from them again…but here I am.

So the criteria for now is essentially:

  • You’re able to model ornate geometry (try a google search on “ornate French furniture” and see what’s out there)
  • You’re able to build convincing materials using cycles nodes. (Design samples from the actual job to be provided as texture basis)
  • You’re stable enough to where, if the project begins a year and some months from now, you’re probably in the same place you are today (like me…kids out of the house and work from home)
  • You can submit to team organization protocols. Artists tend to be individualistic and have their preferred work-flows but this will require some measure of adherence to some collaboration standards to ensure work integration and progression.

Personally, my speciality is 3D modeling (engineer and finite elements in college) and project management…you won’t find super-render samples by me, but I have done enough to know what it takes and what artists need to be able to do their job comfortably.

You won’t know who the client is or where the property is, that simply won’t come out ever, non-disclosure and all that stuff. I will give out the design firm web address though as you can see their prior work is quite real: www.g2designusa.com.

This is new territory for me and the firm…we have never had a client request 3D renderings on this level before. its caught us all a bit off-guard and at the same time, a bit excited and nervous. I apologize for the ambiguity of the timeline, but at this level, this is just the way it is. Projects like this can take years

What I am expecting here is simply a “response of interest” from those who believe they fit the criteria listed above. After a period of time, I would probably contact those individuals privately and simply open a dialog about the particulars of the project, still nothing guaranteed at that point. Renderings borderline indistinguishable from photos will be needed. I make a living using blender, though not of the artistic level of most here… and would love nothing better than to see a team of “open source” team of artists come together for this rare opportunity. I know this is a long shot.

Tom Kyler

Hi Tom! Sounds like a very interesting project. I can’t say for sure what I’ll be doing a year from now but working from home at least part time and being self empoyed is what I’m set out to try and I do hope it works out.

Best regards,

I can’t imagine just three artists would be nearly enough to do what I think you’re describing, unless it’s over long period of time.

Anywho, I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m interested as a lighting/shading artist.

I’d be interested

As there is no official job offer or position tied to this, this post qualifies as deferred pay.

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I’d be interested, though I’m still working on just having a decent portfolio. You can see my work (yes, even incomplete work) in my signature. Ornate furniture is not a problem.

Noted on the post status Fweeb. Thanks for providing these forums though!

Everybody else, thank you for responding. I have received several Private Messages, have read each one and each person has been ‘logged’ as interested in my contact DB, including any links to portfolios. The best I have now is to wait and see how this transpires. I know that the rendering is part of the already signed contract so someone will be doing it.

As as to gregzaal’s point above, I agree that its all dependent upon the time frame and we’ll just have to wait and see how things go, certainly a larger team might be needed.

For my part, I expect to be given a bit of advance notice and that is when I will contact everyone again to evaluate the best possible team for the job and assemble a team portfolio. Again, I appreciate everyone’s response and especially patience. Waiting for “future” work is not easy but a fact of life for freelancers.

Tom Kyler