Feeling aweful!

(BgDM) #1

Well, my wife’s father passed away today suddenly of a massive heart attack.

One hell of a guy he was. Great father and a really great friend to all of us. Feeling really down right now and my wife is, of course, feeling 10 times worse. Going to miss the guy a lot. :frowning:

Just need to vent some steam here and get some positive feedback from you guys.

Thanks for listening.


(@ce) #2

really sorry to hear that, comfort your wife for the time being, but for yourself, let this bad event be a good thing, let it create new depths which you can explore, for instance in a blendering. (venting yourself is a good healing process)

ps: give the wife a big comforting hug from me

(BgDM) #3

Thanks @ce. I appreciate the comment.

Will be back in about a week. Take care everyone!


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(Bapsis) #5

Hey dude,
First im sorry for you and your wife’s loss, I just lost my grandmother recently and would like to extend my sympathy to the both of you. Its hard to deal with a loss, expecting to have that person in your life to talk to and gain wizdom from and hell, even just have a few laughs sometimes.
This might sound inconsiderate and slightly inhuman, but when i was told she had passed on (was in bed reading LOTR) i just thanked them for the news and thought about it for a while and then went back to reading my book, no tears and no emotional outbursts.
I do try my best to remeber the person for what they were and just realize that it was their time to expire, and the only pain from that is the ones left behind without the dececed.
I’v never really feared death, to fear death is like fearing what things were like before you were born. A mystery none of us will probably understand until we take that journy, and who knows, after we do maybe we will be happy for those who have passed on before us as it could be a better place, if anything at all.
Again, im sorry for your guyz loss, but take the time to remeber the best things about your father inlaw, good times you had and advice he gave you. Try your best to celebrate his life, rather than mourn his death, for the pain and feeling of loss will pass and hopefully those will be the memories you are left with, all the good ones.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(rogerm3d) #6

Sorry to hear that. :frowning:
Comfort your wife and all.
Maybe you could blender out some of your sorrow.
Create some really great art to show your true feelings
Just an idea.

(CubeFan973) #7

Sad. I’ve rarely felt sympathy for when somebody has died (mainly because nobody I really care for dies), so it’s hard for me to think about that kind of thing. But I did get sad about the time when my grandmother died, or when Billy Wilder died (a great moviemaker). :frowning:

(blengine) #8

BgDM, do u and yer wife beleive in something after death?
when people have died, im not really sad for them cause i beleive in something after death, what it is i dont know, i just know them lucky bastards get to see it befreo me =D
i miss them yes, but also envy in a way, and i know ill see them again one day, which makes it not only bearable for me, but actually has me smiling =)
i guess beleiving in God really helps in these situations…even when we had a close close call with my mom dieing, which we all thought she did die, i couldnt be anything but happy for her, becuase i knew she was going to “heaven” and she beleived in it too… luckily though, she managed to get to a hospital and shes all better now…i woulda missed her a helluvalot, yet, i wasnt and wouldnt have been sad about it =)
i dont know if i could be more help, but if u need my hep with anything, email me :wink:
best of luck to ya getting over this sad event


(Timonides) #9

Hello BgDM!!!

I am really sorry to hear that :frowning: .

In case it makes you and your wife feel better, I believe that all our beloved ones that have passed away, are always going to someplace better.

As for us left behind, it is our memories that keep them still alive deep inside our hearts.

It is a sad thing when you loose someone but if we keep them in our thoughts they continue to exist, as long as we remember them.

Life goes on…

(BgDM) #10

Thanks for all of the kind words form al of you! It is very much appreciated and we take comfort in it.

Life goes on and we will miss him. We will remember the good times and cherish the times that we had.