Feeling Euphoric!

Wow one of the coolest things happened today, well I found out today. My favorite programing language EUPHORIA is no longer paid for. It is now released as open source and free.
If you don’t know what Euphoria is, it’s a very easy to use and easy to learn flexible language. I found all programing languages very confusing when I first started out in the programing scene. Euphoria just made alot more since to me.
If you like arrays in C then you’ll love Euphoria. It can also be translated to C with a translator program that they have.

If you want to hear it from their words check it out here.

And if your a C/C++ programer then check this out.

My day just got a whole lot better. I’d also like to see this forum’s personal opinions on Euphoria. Think it’s worth it?

“If you like arrays in C then you’ll love Euphoria.”
Hate em.

I don’t see what’s so special about this. Looks like glorified Pascal almost.

Probably I wouldn’t know. I should clear up that Eu isn’t arrays(in fact there’s nothing in there called arrays), it’s different… Plus it can be translated to C and compiled. It’s also pretty platform independent too.
I found some neat benchmarks

 We measured the speed of Euphoria on the version of sieve used in the
 Shootout. We measured both the Euphoria interpreter, and the 
 Euphoria To C Translator. The machine used in the WIN32 Shootout 
 was a Pentium-4 1.6GHz running Windows XP. Our machine for the Euphoria 
 measurements was a Pentium-4 1.8GHz, also running Windows XP. We thus 
 adjusted our times upward by 1.8/1.6, i.e. we added 12.5%. As a check, 
 we downloaded Python 2.1 and ran sieve with N=900 on our machine. Python 
 was only about 3% faster on our machine, probably because CPU speed is 
 not the only factor. Level-2 cache access time may also be important. 
 To be fair, we nevertheless scaled up all of our Euphoria times by the 
 full 12.5%.
 Interpreters, sorted by seconds taken:
 (EtoC added for comparison)
 Euphoria  0.13  - EtoC Translator / Watcom
 Euphoria  0.47  - Interpreted with exw.exe
 pliant    0.68
 gforth    0.75 
 parrot    2.98 
 ocamlb    3.21
 poplisp   3.34 
 eu in eu  7.15  - PD source Euphoria translated/compiled to eu.exe
 erlang    7.16 
 lua       8.70 
 pike     10.36 
 python   14.33 
 icon     15.12 
 perl     16.36 
 elastic  16.88 
 guile    18.64 
 cygperl  19.22 
 ruby     27.59 
 mawk     28.00 
 vbscript 32.02 
 php      67.32 
 jscript  77.43 
 tcl      83.10 
 gawk    158.49 
 rexx    166.85 

Interesting, will have to check it out. I’m a python man myself, but learning a new language is rarely a bad thing.

Thanks for the link.

I think I’ve seen this before. How long has Euphoria been around?

And indeed, dealing with lists in C is amazingly obnoxious. So I tend to use C++ over C unless I have to (such as when dinking with the Blender source).

I’ve been learning python more in depth lately m’self (my Blender python scripts have always been a bit simple, but mostly because I’ve been able to find most of what I need on the net instead of having to write it myself). I like it a lot.

Steer away from Java. It’s evil. IMO.

I don’t know how long it’s been around but this might give a look

You can [search](http://www.rapideuphoria.com/listserv.htm) 9 years (over 70,000 messages) of discussion on the [EUforum - Euphoria Message Board](http://www.rapideuphoria.com/listserv.htm). 

If you want to take a look at it or something I’ve been doing a free course at www.gameuniv.net and they have a free introduction course.
If you don’t know what gameuniv.net is then take a look they got some neat free online courses there, it a great resource. Also from what I know they had a Blender course too but now I think they’re redoing it for the new version.

Okey sorry for double posting but here is the Eu wiki:

here is a site with an online book:

And here is a the frappr thing for it.

(that frappr sounds neat does blender have one?)